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  1. It's quite an interesting question and I've come across it numerous times while in my TOK classes last year. At the very beginning, it was hard to grasp and understand why any of it is needed. I simply didn't get it. But what I've come to is this - TOK helps you to start thinking critically. As much as you could've head this before, I truly believe that it's one of the main things that you learn though TOK. TOK helps us to become aware that there are always two side of the story and that both need to be explored before drawing a conclusion. In the end, TOK has a point, I just don't think every
  2. We definitely don't get any special treatment. IB is one of the so-called streams in a public Dutch school. If we have 'priorities' so do the Dutchies of equal years. But essentially, we don't have any privileges.
  3. So I'm a little bit stuck. At first I was thinking using Waldorf Education (based on Steiner's theory of child development) to use as my example for a human science. However, I find myself getting stuck when i have to explain why it is convincing. Maybe this is not such a good example? What do you think? Any ideas of another theory? 'Cause I fail to come up with anything at the moment :/
  4. Can you help me out a little bit? I need to find a theory in a natural science that wasn't trusted at first but only after did people started believing it (if you know what I mean?).. I can't come up with any examples though. Help?!
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    Notes for revision/studying on topic 2 for Biology SL students. They follow very closely with assessment statements on the topic.
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    I have seen a lot of useful tips on how to do an IOP on this site. I added different bits and pieces advice into one file, adding tips from my own experience. Hope this helps for anyone who still has to do their IOP!
  7. Oh okay.. I will try to do that then soon Thanks a million again! I really appreciate it and you really helped
  8. Right, so I thought about what my thesis could be like and I came up with the following: Both Kafka and S. Beckett use different absurd situations on their own characters. This shows how the truth can affect people. Furthermore, we can comprehend how these different characters deal with the truth. The authors utilize different literary devices to portray their characters and how they act. Can anyone take a look at it for me? Please? Thanks a million!
  9. Oh okay. Thanks a million lovely! This really helped! I think I will able to do it now
  10. i would say that if you think it might benefit your future - go for bio. it is just memorizing stuff and (to me at least) the syllabus is pretty easy. it is also the easiest of the three sciences so if you want an easy way out - choose bio. however, if you think you might not do well in bio and are a lot more of a number person - go for physics. it's hard but if you get it - it's not that difficult hope that helps a little
  11. sure thing I have: Intro Main Body 1: the definition of truth from a dictionary MB 2: The 'truth' in 'Metamorphosis' and a couple of quotes + explanations on how different characters react/deal with it (an analysis on it) MB 3: the 'truth' in 'Waiting for Godot' -"- -"- (same as above) MB 4: the comparison (similarities and differences) between the two books - character reaction and how they deal with it, also a link with the truth in our lives (because in the books the situations are absurd in a way) Conclusion
  12. I have a clear idea of what my WL1 is about. I already have the draft written and now I just have to go over it with the comments that my teacher gave me and improve it. My essay is on 'Metamorphosis' by Kafka and 'Waiting for Godot' by Samuel Beckett. It is a comparative study between the two and the element of truth in both. Now, as I'm going over it, I'm really stuck with defining my purpose and what exactly I'm doing in my essay. Like, I know what I'm doing but I just can't make a thesis out of it. HELP?? Really confused right now :/
  13. Usually the most time i have is during the weekends. then i usually go out or go to a friend's house. we just chill and talk (because i don't really see them that much during the week). take a couple of hours off during the weekend and go do something you enjoy. go to the tennis court or sew something. it will give you the sanity that school is not all and you will something to look back at once you go off to university. if i'm really stressed during the week i usually just take an hour off, put on my music on speakers and read a book or something. just don't think about school for a minute. d
  14. As a B language my school offers Spanish, French, English and Dutch. All four languages can be done either SL or HL
  15. I have an idea for my IOP which is due in about three weeks (or more, I'm not exactly sure). Basically, I would be discussing Imagination vs. Reality and concentrate on Briony because she is the one character that could have the most reference in the books with this theme. My problem is, is this topic good enough for IOP? Or should I do something else but then on the same book seeing as I find it fairly easy (most of my class is doing it on this book). I'm just struggling a little bit. And I mean if I do choose this topic, I still have to figure out how and what to say. Maybe someone has any b
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