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  1. First to go to prison First to become a millionaire First to win a Grammy Funniest Most interesting Quietest Sleepiest Best procrastinator Biggest IB ego Best IB fallacy I was named "most dedicated".
  2. Wow. My class was laaaaaame especially compared to all of yours. It was called music theory class, but we pretty much just played with the school orchestra every day, and we were required to read a textbook and take notes on our own time. Starting in the spring, we started to meet every week to begin studying the prescribed pieces and did about 1-2 hours of studying the characteristics of musical eras. Oh and the IA, everything on our own time. It probably isn't like this at any other school... Our teacher didn't give a crap or know anything about IB, so. Except for the people who already
  3. Mmmm, I wish I went to a UWC, or any boarding school, for that matter. Lucky ducks!
  4. Your scores and extracurriculars look better than mine, and I've just been accepted to Harvard. So just make sure you work on your essays a lot, and practice for your interview if you need to (I didn't). Also, you may want to have some "concentration" within your extracurriculars, so maybe you can use your piano-playing to do charity, teach, etc.
  5. All three movements of the Dvorak Cello Concerto in B minor Tchaikovsky: Variations on a Rococo Theme for Violoncello and all his other works- 1812 overture, The Seasons, Romeo and Juliet overture, piano concerto in... B minor?,etc. Andrew Lloyd Webber: Memory, and all of his other works. 2nd movement of Beethoven 5th piano concerto ("Emperor") Rachmaninoff 2nd piano concerto "Where in the World" from Yeston/Kopit Phantom "Nessun Dorma" from Turandot There are more...
  6. Mootable. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia!
  7. Just stumbled on it while searching IA requirements!
  8. Do you know it's unrequited? I mean, have you asked him/her out or anything? I don't have much experience with unrequited love yet, but I've had lots of experiences where there's a (mutual?) interest but nothing ever happens because I'm/we're too shy, or whatever. And that sucks as well because there's the possibility but you didn't risk it, you know? If you are sure it's unrequited love, I'm sorry! I can imagine how terrible that kind of heartbreak is. Unfortunately, I think we'll all have to experience it some time in our lives as an essential part of the human experience, even that c
  9. North Canyon High School, Phoenix, AZ. Not as exciting as where some other people are.
  10. Whenever I post a status, comment, or comment on a status on any profile page, I get an "error" page, and when I go back to the profile whatever I've posted has "doubled". Am I doing something wrong??
  11. Welcome to IBSurvival, then! The comments are just for communicating. If you want to talk to someone, you can either send them a personal message (private) or write a comment on their profile (public). Under the photo on a profile/wall, there is an 'Add friend'-button. It looks like a tiny person with a plus-sign on the shoulder. Ah! Thank you. Wow, OK... So how would specify to make a message private rather than public when you send one? And when you post a reply to a message (of either kind), which profile page do you post it on, your own or the other person's? Do replies to personal
  12. Surname of a character in a novel + surname I made up for another character in the same novel, since he doesn't have one. Both are supposed to have accents aigus on the E's, though. Wouldn't it be funny if some of us knew each other personally but never knew it because of these usernames?
  13. I've never used an online forum or social networking site or anything like IBS, so I have a few questions: What is the purpose of the "comments" at the bottom of people's walls? How do these comments differ from comments on people's statuses? And how do you "friend" people? Thank you.
  14. Haha yeah, I guess an advantage is that you get hundreds of hours for things like CAS!
  15. DaaeDore


    I'm writing about a subject that has relevance to me (multilingualism). So whenever I mention my own experiences and observations, is it all right to use first person? Or should I use something like "this writer" instead of "I"?
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