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  1. I want to become a scientist, but I adore the arts (I love reading, I play many instruments, etc, etc). So I don't know. If I had to choose, I'd probably choose the arts.
  2. Even so, the Queensland system is still very unfair, because you need a 42 for an OP1 equivalent. (It's kind of a 99 ATAR, I think?) And they've been raising it ever since a few years ago. Another unfair thing is scholarships - they don't take in the bonus credits, and I was told not so long ago that to get the top scholarship at UQ, you have to get a 45. Nothing else.
  3. November 2010 Nov 2 - Man B paper 1 & 2 Nov 4 - Maths HL paper 1 Nov 5 - Maths HL paper 2 Nov 8 - Physics HL paper 1 & 2 Nov 9 - Physics HL paper 3 & English A1 SL paper 1 Nov 10 - English A1 SL paper 2 Nov 11 - Chemistry HL paper 1 & 2 Nov 12 - Chemistry HL paper 3 Nov 15 - Maths HL paper 3 It's not too bad, I like the having a whole weekend to study for one maths paper. And even though they're fairly consecutive, I only have one day where I have two different subjects. My mocks are disgusting though, cause they crammed everything into two weeks, so this week I literally have
  4. We had to start thinking about it in about July last year, but there wasn't any actual work done until about October/November. I researched for about four months, and within that time I wrote little bits of it up, cause we had a first draft due literally on the second week of school in February. And then refining (cutting down words) for another four months, and then it was due in late July. So all up, almost a year. Not constantly working on it, though. From memory, the syllabus or whatever it's called for EE says you should spend 40? hours on it.. you need much, much more than that.
  5. The essay is externally marked, but the presentation is internally marked. There is a rubric, I think somewhere on the site.
  6. What we got drilled into us was that your EE has to stay squarely in the subject in which you're doing it. In light of that, a music EE is very much about analysis of the music, and so I would say the first RQ is better. And I love La Campanella too. Good luck!
  7. The syllabus really doesn't help much, because there's no set 'units' (for want of a better word), you just have to know heaps. There's a real emphasis on culture and history and stuff like that. For the orals, there are two - an interactive and an individual.
  8. We have French, Mandarin and German B at SL and HL. I think there are one batch of Mandarin B SL anticipateds, but they're cancelling that after this year.
  9. This is from my perspective as a Chinese person and not as a Korean or anything. I have a friend who is Korean who is doing Chinese, though. And I think it's easier to pick up the tones and stuff than, say, Westerners, as well as the writing, as Korean is partially? pictorial, and so is Chinese. I'd say stick with the language you actually want to do other than go out to find something you might not be that interested in but is 'easier'.
  10. Hi everyone! ToK is really strangely taught at our school, and we're supposed to be starting our drafts of our essays. We've been given structures and stuff, and told we needed to find knowledge issues in our topics, but I have no idea how to actually start writing down anything substantial, so advice on how you guys started yours would be much appreciated. Also, all the knowledge issues I think up blow up to be giant discussions in themselves - is there a point where you should stop? Thank you so much!
  11. Yeah, my school doesn't have a huge number of choices, but I'm doing: HL Maths, Chem and Physics, SL English, Mandarin B. I did anticipated business last year. We also have French, German and Mandarin Ab Nitio and B HL, Spanish Ab Nitio, Psychology, Biology, Computer Science, Design Technology and Music.
  12. Queensland Academy for Science, Maths and Technology - in Queensland (obviously..!), Australia. November 2010.
  13. Hm. I've never had to pull all nighters, the latest I've gone to sleep was probably 12:30 in the morning - I normally get at least six hours sleep a night, and I still get pretty okay grades. I do know of heaps of people who do pull all nighters every night though.
  14. Hi everyone! We haven't actually started really looking at the TOK essay titles in detail or anything yet, but I was looking at this one and I'm thinking that I'd really like to do my TOK essay on this title, and with regards to literature, possibly. If anyone has any suggestions on how to approach it, or just general things to watch out for, they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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