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  1. The question is here: http://i1187.photobucket.com/albums/z393/scarlettjazz1/Fieldsandforces.png The answer is B, but I can't figure out why. I get that the direction of the field is to the right, but I can't figure out why the strength is as it is. Thanks!
  2. I just tried a practise essay (half a paper 2 - so 45 minutes for one essay) and wrote nonstop after 5 minutes planning but only got 1.5 sides of A4!! Help, how do you write faster? Also, how much do you usually write in 45 minutes?
  3. So on the marking criteria it says students should write balanced and focused historical arguments for essays in Paper 3. Is this true for paper 1 and 2 as well? Or is paper 1 different? Also, what is a 'balanced' essay. Because surely if the question is 'to what extent...' you can't argue middle-ground every single time. It just wouldn't be good historical practise to say 'all the arguments for are...' and 'all the arguments against are...' and so my conclusion is 'somewhere in between'. In class I've always been told that it's good to have a strong argument and argue it throughout the whole
  4. I'm told:free neutron decays to proton and releases e-,how do I know if this is a strong/weak/electromagnetic interaction? The only information I'm told is that an electron is produced in the decay of a free neutron into a proton. The question is state the name of the exchange particle. To know this, I suppose I have to figure out what kind of interaction this is, but I don't get how. I thought originally that it was a strong interaction because it involves nucleons, but the mark scheme says the answer is W boson... why?! Thanks
  5. Hi, So from my experimental data I have plotted a negative curve and my best fit has an equation y = (0.5/x) + 2. Now in order to do max/min lines and find the uncertainty in the gradient, I have to somehow make this a straight line graph. What do I have to plot against what to make it a straight line? Thanks
  6. For a ball sinking through water, what are the forces acting on it? (assume not at terminal velocity) Can you please give me the equation for the forces too, like w=mg. Thanks!
  7. So, I have a bucket of water (60cm deep) and I'm releasing balls from the surface. The balls are all the same size and shape but are of different masses (about 10g difference between each). I did some sample tests and got results around 1 second for the balls to sink 60cm. The very short time makes it difficult to get accurate results, but I can see that the heavier balls fall faster. My question is: What results should I expect to see? i.e. what is the relationship between the mass of the ball and the time taken to fall through water? Inversely propotional? I can't figure it out. Mass doesn
  8. That's the problem . I love them both, I can't decide which I prefer! If I could, I would do them both at Higher Level. I definitely think HL maths is harder, but it's also more fun...
  9. Wow everyone, thanks for replying. Basically those are my two options. I think MAYBE I could get 45 with HL maths, but it isn't guaranteed so I've said 44 more realistically. Everyone seems to think the second option is better because it's more 'scienc-y' but I'm still taking HL physics and HL chemistry no matter what. Also, I agree with the other who are saying that the humanities can be hard for some people too. Oh well, I'm just really struggling to decide what to do. I was thinking of dropping HL history to make way for HL maths... but I've already submitted the subjects I will take into t
  10. Hi there, I've got my Mandarin B SL exam this year . I think mandarin is my worst subject by far. Can you please help me by answering some Qs about the paper 1 (writing paper)? 1) For the last section of the paper where you have to read a passage and then write a short letter/email/poster etc on it (and you are supposed to include 10 points or something from the passage), how many points do you usually make? I can only get around 6... 2) For that same section, is it okay if we just copy massive chunks from the original text? I can't put it in my own words... mainly because I don't know what it
  11. 1) 45 points at IB with HL history, English, physics and chemistry 2) 44 points at IB with HL English, physics, chemistry, maths ??
  12. I'v just taken the LNAT and I think the multiple choice went really well but the essay was a bit rubbish . I couldn't think of a good last sentence, and it turned out grammatically incorrect I think. ohhh well
  13. Well, applications are off! Good luck everyone! How were your personal statements in the end? I'm happy with mine although I think I might have dedicated a little too much to extra curricular activities. I'm really surprised by how quickly the people in my school who applied to Cambridge heard back. They got 'welcome' emails 2 days after they applied and 2 weeks later, were told they got/ did not get interviews. Wonder how quick Oxford is... How is the LNAT going for all of you?
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    Just out of interest, what were your results?
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