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  1. I'm happier than anything. Thanks to the IB (and my school's partnership with Griffith University) I've been able to get guaranteed entry into Biomedical Science, and because I took some university subjects along with grade 12, credit from those subjects along with IB HL Biology and Chemistry allow me to skip to second year Biomed.
  2. You might lose presentation marks if it isn't that clear, but as long as you made your points you should retain the rest of the marks.
  3. Banned for attempting to interfere with me banning Emy.
  4. Thanks for the sympathy. Luckily it's only Paper 3 (which in my opinion is the easiest of the papers, as we take Options A and B and I take HL Biology). From memory, I only have one double-up, but a lot of consecutive-day exams.
  5. To my knowledge, only two in the folowing May/November. I'm not even sure if it's both or either of these sessions.
  6. Yeah, and unfortunately it's straight after Chemistry Paper 3. Generally I tend to go better in my Paper 2 exams though, I only got 18/25 on my mock P1 yet got 21/25 on my mock P2.
  7. I've realised that there are a lot of Aussies on this server. Please don't talk about particular exams until 24 hours after they are sat. It's a general forum rule.
  8. To be honest I thought I always picked prose. I ended up choosing poem for my mock exam however. No idea why, but I went with my usual trend and picked prose again this time. I couldn't understand the poem on first glance, so I resorted to the prose. Plus, the prose was so much richer with stuff that was easy to talk about.
  9. Banned because math homework is actually worth it. We had an exam today and have one tomorrow.
  10. Now that 24 hours have well and truly passed since the exam, we are free to discuss it. How did everyone go? Did you choose the prose or the poem? What did you talk about? Personally, I chose the prose extract from Middlesex. My essay was about how the dominant, opressive environment enforced by the factory within the scene was created through its tone, use of imagery and most importantly - the personification. I think if you missed the personification in this extract, you missed a lot. I'd like to hear what you guys chose and wrote about, it'd be interesting.
  11. HL Math is one of the hardest HL subjects you can take in the whole of IB. So unless you really like maths, I wouldn't suggest taking it. Of the three HL Chemistry is the next hardest, if you don't have a fairly strong conceptual understanding of the content you won't go that well. I would say that the easiest of the three (and the one I would recommend) is HL Biology. If your options aren't the hardest options (as our school makes us take :/) then HL Biology is not much more difficult than SL Biology. My school didn't even start offering SL Biology until this year because there weren't enough
  12. Not unless you want to be a philosopher. If you do, then yes, very useful. Ah, you'll find out how fun ToK actually is once you start your Essay.
  13. Psychology SL (Anticipated) was the longest for me. This is mostly because most of the revision is just practice questions, and these take 15 minutes or an hour each to complete. There's 50+ questions.
  14. At the end of the day it's up to what you actually need, what the other available high school programs are, etcetera. If you think the workload is a bit high, you can always drop to IB Certificate. Basically you drop one subject of your choice as well as ToK/EE and you no longer have to do CAS.
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