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  1. Math might be a little too much then. Four marks is kind of a lot for an objective subject. You can try if you want to pay for it, but it's usually not worth it in a subject like math if you're more than like 2 marks off. I'd say you're fine for English, and probably okay in Swedish as well. Yeah I think I might get Swedish and English remarked. I really don't know about the maths. I mean its hard to miss 4 marks isn't it?
  2. When you used extra answer booklets, did you write that you continued the answer in a separate booklet in the original answer space? If you didn't they might have missed the extra sheets. Yeah I tried to show that, but maybe forgot one time...
  3. Well I calculated I need 4 marks in maths to get the higher grade. Maybe that's too much? In English I would have to lose 12% to get a 5, maybe I could try to remark there? I mean 12% is a LOT to lose. Am I safe? In Swedish though I would have to lose 8% to get a 4. Is that safe for a remark?
  4. So these are my grades, should I get any of them remarked? Swedish Literature SL: 5 (65%) To get a 6 I need 69%. To go down to a 4 I would need to have 57%. IA score: 22/30 Paper 1 score: 13/20 (I did not have a conclusion, maybe that dragged the grade down) Paper 2 score: 9/25 (I knew it was really bad but not this bad :/) Written Assignment: 21/25 (Kinda surprised it was that good) English B HL: 6 (84%). To get a 7 I need 88%. To go down to a 5 I need 73%. IA score: 27/30 Paper 1 score: 54/60 Paper 2 score: 37/45 (Very surprised as I felt it went REALLY ****) Written Assignment: 18/25 (
  5. Hi, my question is if you'd think I'd face a disadvantage if I based my written assignment (in English B) on a short-story compared to a novel, play. I mean as long as I produce 500-600 words on the essay and a 150 words rationale it shouldn't be considered an easy escape? What do you think? Regards Shwareb
  6. Well yes I do have the dimensions but the plane parts have awkward shapes and not typical geometrical shapes. Consider for example the shape of this engine on a commercial aircraft. I have the dimensions but how do I use calculus to determine the volume of the engine? Am I missing something here? I just don't understand how to use calculus with airplanes . I appreciate you taking the time to help me.
  7. Well hi guys, so I'm in the final year of my IB diploma programme and I'l like REALLY struggling with this Maths Exploration. It's a long post but I beg you to read it. I'm quite demoralized by this exploration. Yeah so I initially started to think about ideas back in July, and already then I knew I wanted to do something calculus orientated. Some people suggested that I could do "mixing problems" and set up a differential equation to describe the rate of change in a contaminant, or even a lake because a real world example is what I should really go for. I should use calculus to explore real
  8. Of course I understand that you can't provide me with a topic to write about, but I thought you might give me some tips to guide me in the right direction, and indeed you helped me a bit by suggesting some ideas . I also thought about looking into old Maths EE, to find inspiration/ideas and then do a similar condensed investigation since it's only an IA. I think it would be quite interesting to explore things that change rates, but I'm stuck on how you'd make that a proper investigation. Could you perhaps give an example on a rate of change problem suitable for investigation Optimization is a
  9. Thanks for the links, but the first one doesn't work for me :/
  10. Hi guys, so I was thinking about writing my EE in English B, and I was hoping that you'd be able to provide me with tips about what I should write about. I could first start of by telling you which subjects that I'm the most passionate about: US Imperialism Terrorism Muslim Oppression in society Multiculturalism Integration/Assimilation (They're kind of interlinked, but I read like 5-6 articles everyday about this so I'm very interested in this field) So one idea would be: "The role of the media of portraying islamic extremism, and the effect this has had upon the muslim community in Brit
  11. Hi guys so I thought I'd start working on my maths exploration. I was given a couple of sample papers to gain inspiration for my own project but I've been thinking now (on and off) for about a week and I haven't been able to get a proper subject to write about. Ideally I want the exploration to be based on Calculus as it's my strongest section of Maths SL, but definitely not on Probability or Vectors (especially not vectors!!!). I was wondering if you guys could help me out a bit, because it's getting quite frustrating, not being able to find a proper and suitable topic to explore and hopeful
  12. Hi guys, so I was thinking about writing my EE in English B, and I was hoping that you'd be able to provide me with tips about any potential books that I could write about. Now my level of English is good and I'm predicted a 7 in English B HL, but I generally don't read any novels. I'm Iraqi and very interested in politics, especially that of the middle east. Could I write an essay about the Arab Spring, and for what reasons it occurred. Maybe I could focus on a particular country such as Syria? But there must be some sort of novel about this through which I can base it right? Because then it'
  13. Thanks for your answer! Chemistry is very much my strongest subject, but I always thought doing it in biology would be better (I´m very good in biology aswell) since I was thinking about doing it on the human body. My research question in bio is: How does four different linaments (two which cause a cooling sensation, two which causes the skin to warm up) affect the blood flow in the skin of applied area in 30 different people (15 men, 15 women) from the age of 17-22? Alternatively 50 men, 10 from the following "age categories": 18-23, 24-30, 45-50, 55-60, 65-70 Is it good enough, can you go in
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