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  1. Hmm, never... Only have to stay up late to start on IAs or Essays due on the second day. I'ma procrastinator
  2. OMG -Panics- EE Draft 1 [Due last week] -incomplete- Business IA Draft 1 [Due last week] -incomplete- Math IA [Due before last summer] -completed- Group 4 Project [Due before last summer] -completed- WL English Final Draft [Due 3 days ago] -completed- TOK Essay title selection [Due next week] -completed- Doing Questions 6, anyone else doing this too? CAS Progress -On track- College Application -incomplete- College Essay -incomplete- What else am I missing from the list? O: Bunch of National Honor Society; Student Council work going on :/ Progress for classes: Rushing through Calculus and I b
  3. Thanks, I'm in Xiamen, China, so I think it won't be a problem, did some interview and surveys already. And, this is an EE But I just really don't know how to input the information I gathered. I think I'll go from general to specific, but it isn't easy getting a global info compared to a specific region's information
  4. It looks like most of the excellent 50 extended essays doesn't include Business and Management examples. Is it extremely hard to get an A for extended essay in Business and Management? Please comment on my research question: To what extent is the marketing strategy of Starbucks effective globally and how does it affect the newly built Starbucks branch outlet at Xiamen, China in 2010? Is this understandable, if not, are there any suggestions to improve it? I'm pretty sure key terms are missing from the research question but I don't have the list with me. My idea is to take a look of the globa
  5. Well, had a fish like when I was 5 years old but now ... So I guess no hehe What are you doing O:
  6. Granted, but now u're sick of cheese and want em to turn back into chocolate I wish I'm on a more useful post like the Type 1 Math IA one instead on this
  7. Banned because I deny that reason of banning
  8. Granted, but it's not recognized for any form of research paper and IB isn't recognized anymore I have a better wish now, I wish for Desy Glau's Math Type 1 IA (Get Good Grades + Not caught for plagiarism)
  9. Granted, but I'm always better than u are I wish I have MATH IA to COPY but not get caught for plagiarism and get good marks
  10. Granted, but you did the same mistake or missed the fun part of this morning again I wish it's the day after tomorrow (SUMMER ))))))))))
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