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  1. Don't you multiply for intersection??? Yea i thought of that too! But those are not independent events, are they? Oh crap! I didn't think about that... X_X :'( ... Totally forgot! Will I get at least some points for 'method' or 'recognized what to do'?
  2. Don't you multiply for intersection???
  3. I think I got that too.. Not sure though.. Bit mixed up with all the numbers.. I think the grade boundaries will be LOW.. What do you'll feel?
  4. That's what I did as well, it should be the right answer, I mean the method is legit so can't see how it could be wrong I did the same thing... hope it's right... what values did you'll get for a,b,c? What about the cos theta question? Oh and also the last one - question 10? :/
  5. too equal roots basically means the same as one answer! so you had to make Delta=0.. which makes k=3 that's why "equal" was in bold font I took two equal roots to mean the discriminant = 0 (b^2 - 4ac) because that gives one repeated root, so there would, technically, be two equal roots. So that would mean that the x values have to be the same, not the k ones - right? Since k is the constant, not the variable. I could be completely wrong here, but that's what I took it to mean and how I approached it. I found that both k = 3 and k = -1 led to one repeated root (they led to (x-1)^2 and (x+1)^2
  6. Dear all, share your thoughts/opinions/ideas on the English A1 HL TZ2 paper.. . Which option did you'll choose - The Silkworm or The Womanizer? What were the main points you'll mentioned? If you found something particularly striking, feel free to mention it...
  7. Hey.. Are we allowed to use a few contractions in the TOK Essay? e.g., don't, didn't, he'd, we're? Please reply ASAP
  8. Hey... Does anyone have the November 2008 TZ1 and TZ2 PAPER 1 (both question paper and markscheme)? I've tried freeexampapers.com but they don't have Nov 2008. I would be grateful if anybody could share them with me.. Thanks
  9. Woahhh WOW! 8 taped interviews! That's awesome! Who all did you interview btw? I'm sooo stuck. I don't know any authors/poets whom I can interview... :/ Can u help?
  10. THANKS! that's what I wanted to know actually... I'm thinking of narrowing it down to Homeopathy, because, since I am doing an individual presentation, I won't have enough time to do justice to Alternative Medicine (AM), as different AMs have different points to note.. Please tell me if I'm on the right track... I thought of the following: Real life situation: Visit to an allopathic doctor and a homeopathic doctor. Knowledge Issues: 1. To what extent can one accept Homeopathy as a medical science 2. To what extent should Natural Sciences be used to decide the better treatment
  11. What's a better topic for a TOK Presentation? 1) Power of Language 2) Alternative medicine 3) Our cells eavesdrop on our thoughts Please reply ASAP!!!
  12. Heyyy.. I've narrowed it down to- Mysticism explored in a set of poems in Tagore's Gitanjali and few (about 6) poems by WB Yeats.. Does it seem better now? Oh and also, should i narrow it down further? Like, how do the two poets (Tagore and Yeats) use mysticism to illustrate the relationship between the finite and the infinite? OR, how do the two poets use symbolism and imagery to illustrate mysticism in the Gitanjali and a set of poems by Yeats? It it a good idea to divide the EE into parts? Please help ASAP! Thanks
  13. If I re-sat an IGCSE exam, am I supposed to mention both the grades, or only the final one (second one)?
  14. Does anyone have a sample English A1 Extended Essay done on a set of poems?
  15. Hey, Background info: I wantto pursue Medicine.. I gave the UKCAT test today and messed up big time. I got: 520- VR 620-QR 530- AR 630-DA Total: 2300 Avg: 575.. I did sooooo much better in the practice test.. Really depressed.. Please tell me which universities I can apply to (with a reasonable good chanceof getting in) Also, should I give BMAT? Is BMAT tough or simple?.. I am really passionate about medicine.. Please gv me advise on good unis that Ican apply to... Thankssss...
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