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  1. I think I'll discuss it more with the coordinator, I might just end up making the main focus on a subject I'm taking, and leave the psychology for support to the points later in the essay.
  2. Thanks! That helps a lot, I have a few teachers in mind that I think would be willing to supervise if I asked. As for the structure of the essay itself, I'll look up some examples if I chose to do it on a psych topic.
  3. My school doesn't offer Psychology and I would really like to do my EE on a topic that incorporates some psychology. Could I do this? Is it harder to do the EE on a topic that you aren't studying?
  4. I will be starting IB in the fall and I'm signed up for ab inito German. I know IB exams are mostley essay based, and I'm wondering if this also applies to languages. Will I have to write an essay in German?
  5. Thanks for the replies. IB was starting to sound like some impossible thing that was going to make the next two years of high school miserable, but now it sounds much more managable
  6. Thanks for the reply! It doesn't seem too impossible now, and it's nice to hear from someone who is also taking four HL's.
  7. Here are the subjects I've signed up for... English HL History HL Biology HL Film HL Math SL German ab inito I'm starting IB next fall, and I'm wondering if I will be able to manage my time well during the next two years. I currently have a part time job, and while I'm willing to cut back on hours, I'm not willing to quit completely. I'm also a member of the speech team, which is pretty much my only extracurricular. I've heard different things about the level of commitment IB requires, and I have a few questions. How much homework is there on average? I've heard anywhere from three to fiv
  8. The whole thing with the economics class is that I have to take it to graduate. My school doesn't offer IB economics, and I haven't taken the class yet so since I'm doing IB I have to take it outside of school - online, this summer, or next summer.
  9. Thanks for the replies - I've decided to stay in IB. I talked to the coordinatior and she said I have the option of dropping within the first month of school, if I find that IB isn't what I want to do. She also said that I shouldn't have too much of a problem maintaining a job, but that I may have to cut back on hours during the more intense time periods. As for friends, I'll still see them during lunch and in any extracurriculars. Thanks for the help
  10. Right now I am signed up to be in the IB program, but I've been having second thoughts. I like a lot of things about IB - the IB teachers at my school are said to be awesome, the program is supossed to teach from a more international perspective, and the college preparation. I also heard IB improves writing skills, which I like. The extra scholarship opportunites also appeal to me. Not to mention the fact that TOK seems like a cool class. However, there negative things with doing IB. For one, I would have to take economics in summer school, because I need the class to graduate. I also current
  11. Thanks for the replies, I think I'll probably switch to Spanish. Could I really do Spanish SL if I took Spanish I in summer school? Would that be enough?
  12. I'm choosing my second language class for when I start IB, and right now I'm almost done with my second year of German. However, I kind of want to switch to Spanish, since I've already learned to basics of German and I live in America so some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. But, I wanted to know; is an ab initio class harder than an SL class of a language you've already started? I have the option of taking Spanish 1 at summer school since I will have to take Econ anyway before starting IB because it's required to graduate. If I did do Spanish initio, would it be a good idea to do this? O
  13. Thanks, I haven't started the course yet so I still have time to switch. I'll start with Mathematics SL and only drop if I feel overwhelmed.
  14. So I'm debating between Math Studies and Mathematics SL so far my courses are: Biology HL English HL History of the Americas HL Film Studies HL German SL or Spanish ab initio (haven't decided yet) and then there's math. I'm taking 4 HL's so I'm concerned I might not have enough time to dedicate to mathematics SL. I don't really like math, and I'm decent at it (I'll probably get about a B in an honors class) I liked geometry honors, but HATED algebra II honors. Whatever I end up doing in the future probably won't involve much math. But I'm concerned with colleges looking down on me for taking
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