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  1. Good luck everyone! May we get what we truly deserve
  2. Thank you very much for your suggestions! I ended up systematically going through each syllabus point and I think that my mocks went well. Now to repeat on the real exams!
  3. That's a real shame There's a girl at my school in exactly the same position, and our IB coordinator gave her a flat out no- "Cross your fingers for post grad". I really hope you are able to work something out or at least inform BMAT of the clash so it won't happen in future years.
  4. Standard English (from England, as opposed to USA, Australia etc) Good morning/day/afternoon/evening. - formal greeting, used to show respect Hiya! - informal greeting used between good friends or to small children.
  5. Daedalus, I only mentioned I was from the UK because the previous poster asked where I was from- I'm certainly under no illusion that my nationality has any bearing on my application! How are you finding life as an international student there?
  6. From the looks of it, LNAT actually didn't seem to bad (famous last words! *touches wood nervously*). Justifying your opinion and discussing opposing opinions? Us IB kids have been doing it for 2 years in TOK (and EE, depending on your subject)! I hope they predict my grades on the less conservative side, especially considering that we're not given any time off to study for our mock exams, so it's not precisely indicative of the real thing. From what I've heard, the system at my school is to base your predicted grade on your results in mock exams and what they predict you'll get for internal
  7. Hi there! Thanks for making us a thread, I'm in the same situation as you, Australian applying to Oxford for Law in 2012. I'm under the impression they use your predicted grades to work out if they interview you or not, and as another factor in your application. Did you get any advice from your school/elsewhere about writing personal statements? There's an awful lot of information on the Internet, but I'm not sure how much of it is particularly credible. Best of luck with your exams and application
  8. It was a cold winters night when I brought my brother to a shed in Central, Hong Kong. I was drunk and had a GIANT bruise on my back because of a violent scramble with a polar bear. Experiences had taught
  9. Hi guys, This particularly applies to November 2011 people, but any input would certainly be appreciated! Particularly from those who have been there I was wondering how you are structuring your revision of the syllabus? Are you only going through the topics that you remember struggling with or systematically? How do you work out your areas of weakness? What strategies do you use to know your options inside out? I have my mock exams in about 3 weeks and I'm more than a little bit nervous! I have no idea where to start Thank you!
  10. I find it absolutely impossible to study anywhere other than a desk! I think I've been classically conditioned from a young age *suspiciously glances in parents' direction* I can't have a vacuum cleaner or music with lyrics within earshot. I love having a candle or oil lamp burning. Smelling the air is the best kind of procrastination. White light it awful- all my bulbs are yellow tinted, otherwise pages hurt my eyes. I recently was told by an optometrist to get reading glasses- I no longer get headaches! yay! I would highly recommend getting tested if you find you're getting fatigued/headache
  11. Salut Premierement, je suis desolee pour l'abscence de mes accents- j'ai aucune idee pour comment les utiliser sur l'ordinateur! J'ai mon oral jeudi cette semaine, donc il faut que je pratique un peu! Avez-vous des conseilles pour l'oral, surtout la description de l'image? J'apprends le francais Ab Initio, et j'ai mes examens pendant november. Apres mon bac, je voudrais aller a l'universite pour etudier le droit (peut-etre en Angleterre), mais j'ai l'intention aussi de continuer mes etudes de francais. Y at-il des personnes aussi qui veulent faire leur langue apres l'ecole?
  12. I just thought I'd do a bit of a 'shout-out' to the IB students in Norway at the moment. Whether you were directly affected or not by the devastating attacks recently, I'd like to say on behalf of the IB student community that we're thinking of you and your country, and hope those guilty can be brought to justice. Personally, I have a Norwegian psychology teacher and she explained to us the effect an event like this can have on a nation's psyche. We understand that Norway has always been an peaceful, friendly country and this is why these attacks have shaken so many people. We hope that Norwa
  13. tum_tum_tree

    The Oxbridge Guide

    I was wondering if I could have some advice from those who have been there- I'm considering applying to Oxford as an international student to read law, mainly because the course looks really interesting (a focus on jurisprudence and exploring the law as an academic subject as opposed to a course with a vocational emphasis). I'm a bit worried they might not be so keen on my subjects however- HL English A1, Chemistry and Physics, SL French Ab Initio, Maths and Psychology (anticipated- 6). In your opinion, would my application be hindered by my science HLs? Despite my subjects, I do find the litt
  14. Hi there! I'm doing this title as well. I think one of the major things we need to define in order to decide to what extent we agree with the statement is how we understand the phrase "well-supported". Does this mean that conclusions are universal/supported by empirical evidence/applicable to real-life situations/logical? I think it is how we personally define this which will shape our argument. Personally, I'm only agreeing with the statement to some extent- I think it is the universality and logic of conclusions provided in mathematics which makes them better supported than conclusions in e
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