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    Subject Choices

    The first paragraph I know makes sense due to a kinda personal experience with HL Maths despite not having taken it (my bro did). The second, I'm not so sure as, again, lack of personal experience with HL Maths, but I'd sure as hell give that a go if I were you, for sheer hilarity, if anything else! I can simply echo everything that has been mentioned here, if I were to offer advice, with one added word of warning. Take the subjects that you will definitely need to get onto a uni course of your liking, and then choose others that you may enjoy. For me, before starting the IB, I did my resea
  2. Banned for having so many stars under your name
  3. Following on from what Sandwich said, I think in the UK especially, the IB is very misunderstood - just look at some of the entry requirements for the IB and compare that to their A-level counterparts - I know I was left feeling hard done by! In addition, when calling up universities to help find a place for my friend, many admissions tutors admitted that although they understood the merit of the IB, it was the system that didn't, something that had caused the huge inflation in the way of IB entry requirements. One admissions tutor even advised my friend that for medicine and engineering, due
  4. I'm not sure to which degree you're referring and ofcourse, it depends entirely on the employer. Some degrees are in higher demand than others but even then, nowadays many students are finding that holding a degree to their names doesn't automatically place them in better stead than those without degrees due to high unemployment rates and lack of employment opportunities. In saying that though, I would argue it is based on the degree that jobs do become available. For example, for medical students studying in the UK at institutions like Edinburgh, Queen Mary and Imperial, the 'career after six
  5. They require Chemistry. Oops, my bad. See the amended post ;-)
  6. I think, as previously mentioned, it depends where you want to study, and perhaps more specifically, which university. In the UK, most institutions look for HL Chem as being compulsory, but in others, either just HL Bio, or both HL Chem and HL Bio are compulsory. So for example, if you were to take the top five institutions in the UK for medicine, their entry requirements all differ slightly: 1) Oxford - 39 with 7,6,6 at HL including Chem and one other science 2) Cambridge - 40-42 with 7,7,6 or 7,7,7 at HL including Chemistry and two other sciences 3) Edinburgh - 37 with 7,6,6 at HL including
  7. Possibly, I've never tried! NP has a ton of IB work to do, but is too busy using IBS for procrastination ..
  8. Salut! En ce moment, je suis etudiante francais au lycee au SL et j'aime ca! J'essai toujour pour ameliorer mon francais et recemment, j'ai ecrit un petite summaire pour un histoire en le nouvelle pour cette raison. Est-ce que possible pour quelqu'un pour verifier ca pour moi s'il vous plait? http://philippebernard.blog.lemonde.fr/2012/04/03/dur-detre-jeune-garcon-et-noir-en-floride/ Ce texte traite de les difficultés des jeunes en Amérique, en particulière, les gens noir qui pensent que en quelque lieus comme Floride par exemple, il y a injustices entre les personnes noir et blanche. Récemmen
  9. 5' 2" Any ideas on how to grow? Or does turning 17 in a month count as too late??
  10. I started off taking all three as my highers, HL Maths, HL Biology, HL Chemistry, as I thought that's what unis and medical schools would prefer in an IB student but after about three months of HL Maths and University research, I dropped to SL Maths and moved up English. I can honestly say that with reference to doing the IB, that's the best decision I've made. If you feel that Maths is your forte, then definitely go for HL Maths but be aware, it might push you further than you want to be pushed. The same can be said for Chemistry, but in applying for medicine, it's far more important than HL
  11. HL English teacher: Guys, next up we're going to study Whitman.He's like Yeats, but on crack!
  12. Who, or what, is the 'Google' member at the bottom of the page, always online? Coincidence that they can't be clicked on? This question has been bugging me for a while :-D - mk
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