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  1. I know the deadline for requesting "enquiries on results" (how IBO calls the remarks) is in September 1st, so I really dont think that they will be rushing to get them done
  2. Ask your schools IB coordinator, he can access the mark boundaries already (might be its different timings for different schools but he should have them sooner rather than later)
  3. Mandatory? Can you elaborate on that? So no child birth should be allowed? I assume you meant in cases of rape? I dont think he was serious on that one My opinion on abortion is that people should be allowed to do it. Those who say that it is murder: The idea of killing someone being ethically questionable has been introduced in order to keep order in society, a fetus is not really a member of society and the only person who has the real right to object to the abortion (the mother) is the one who actually gets to make the decision.
  4. The IB is a programme that focuses on getting students to be well rounded in many skill areas. While the IB does prepare you for your university studies, I think it is more a kind of programme to get you up and ready for life (with CAS and TOK and so "many" subjects) opposed to a straight forward academic carreer (which really has not too much to do with life beyond school and uni) Of course, if you look at it from another viewpoint, a fundamental part of university studies (esp. in social sciences) is to have a variety of skills in different areas, so I guess the I prepares you for that as we
  5. since it is pretty obvious from the other thread that you are choosing the same topic, I dont recommend to plagiarize generally I think it is better if you come up with your own topic since you will be a lot more dedicated and interested in it
  6. The problems originally only really existed when people use Safari, so just dont use safari and you should be fine
  7. They weren't in my school, and its an IB only school (eg main programme is the IB). The IB is pretty strict on not wanting documents get out where everyone can access it so your school might be an exeption to the original question, besides asking teachers for specific documents I dont know of any ways (besides occasional stuff on the web) where there is access to those IB documents
  8. it might be possible, best talk to your IB coordinator asap since if the deadline for registration for november passes (by its really close if not over) you wont be able to take exams in Nov whether you want to or not. You can retake your exams as long as they are offered in your school but there is a fee per exam to be paid
  9. I love the philosophic topics, and while most English A1 books are not quite as "deep" as I like, I had German A1 and my teacher loved existentialist literature so I was lucky on that part Books I liked in German A1 "The Plague" by Albert Camus- A great read + a buckload of symbolism and applications to life as a general (my favorite) "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Becket (I know its Eng A1 as well), I loved this, might have been boring in parts but the way that Beckett promotes his ideas, priceless "Homo Faber" by Max Frisch- Also one of these great books that make you really think about how
  10. I think that generally the causes of a war are to broad of a topic for a history IA, remember that the word limit is 2000 and the actual analysis part is only about 700 (maybe 800 max.) words. Even if you specialise on one (or two) factors, you still have to compare them to other causes to answer the "to what extent". I chose a really specific question (and fun as well ) "How historically accurate is the account of the Battle of Bastogne in the 6th Episode of the HBO miniseries "Band of Brothers"? Such a comparison is really nice to do since in the B section ("summary of evidence"; you can put
  11. even if some (lazy ass) people dont do their IA at all and they just write down basic ideas and maybe get some basic points, but they do well in their exams they can still get 5s and 6s (7 as well actually but they would have to do really really well on their exams), if the thread starter is as good in physics/maths as he said he should have gotten a 3 or higher even if the IA magically disappeared Edit: I also dont think its grade inflation, I wrote the same exams (HL and tz2) and my teacher said I would probably get a 5 with how well I did in my IAs and how he thought I would do in the exams
  12. Physics IA ( the lab reports) 20% Group 4 project: 4% Paper1: 20 % Paper2: 36 % Paper3: 20 % In may 2011 (cant say if its the same this year, dont know the mark boundaries) you "already" have a 3 with 27%, if I were you I would check with your IB coordinator ASAP to ask if there might have been a mistake (make an enquiry) and how much the IA's in your class were marked down (they usually are marked down, only very rarely marked up)
  13. several people in my grade got predicted 5 and actually got a 3 in chem HL, this year chem was a disaster, I am lucky I didnt take chem about the EE, another guy I know was predicted A in his EE and TOK essay (by a quite experienced teacher as well) and he ended up getting C/C (-2 points, quite a setback) I was predicted 32 (because I am lazy and dont work as much in class as I could, but do give my best when it matters, eg exams and IA's) and ended up getting 35 as well (I also got positively surprised by a 6 in phys ), which I think is great Of course if you expect higher than 35 it might be
  14. Its a pun, my name+ anonymous makes me kinda not anonymous
  15. so many people in my grade got really low grades in chem hl, dont know if it was because of a new teacher or because chem this year was just horrible, well I didnt take chem so I guess that was lucky HL History - 6 Math- 5 Physics - 6 SL German A1 -5 (teacher said I could get a 7 if I did well in exams, since I thought I did pretty well I guess I really f*ed up somewhere) English A2 -6 Music (solo perf.) 5 (I thought I did so badly on the performance part I would get a 3 or if lucky a 4, but I since I did pretty well in the exam I guess that saved me) EE History- B (written in 10 days in fall
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