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  1. I love, LOVE working out! I never work out without my boyfriend though. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we workout for one hour and twenty minutes as soon as we wake up. We always do one hour of crazy, high intensive cardio that just kills me every time and then after that twenty minutes of strength training. This amounts to 4 hours a week and I honestly can't make time for any more exercising! But we have been doing this consistently for months, and I think that is so much better than exercising randomly 5 times one week and then nothing the next week. The best thing about it for me is how
  2. It's true that Denmark doesn't look too fondly upon re-takers, this is because when you apply for university there you have to scan in your IB Diploma which explicitly states whether your subjects are retakes or not. Once the university sees you sent the ''retake'' diploma they immediately ask for your original one and mainly focus on that one, however, they don't ignore your retake subjects altogether which I suppose is a good thing. For International students or students with the IB Diploma you have to apply before March 15th via www.optagelse.dk so you have quite a while until then. I def
  3. I have always been told that the IB Coordinator is our representative to the IBO and that the IBO will not deal with us directly, so I guess you have to wait and see who the new IBC is :/. It should be fine though since it was anticipated, then you don't need the results from the remark right away, but maybe you could contact someone from your school staff to let them know you are interested in remarking?
  4. First I want to say congratulations!! That is an awesome score, and I hope you did something to celebrate it today!! For the sake of personal satisfaction, I would probably remark French. Economics is a big maybe, because even though it is more subjective than any of the natural sciences, the examiners still follow a pretty straight forward answer scheme in my experience but it might change who knows. Since you don't really need the increase, but would like to try it I would just stick to French and hope for a 1 point increase and get bumped up to 41. You can request a remark on as many sub
  5. Untrue. I got my TOK remark back in august. Hmm, maybe that's because ToK is part of the core and not one of the normal subjects? Or maybe retakes are only that late for my school then I don't know.
  6. This happened to me as well, I did Danish B SL anticipated in 2012 and got a 6 but was only 1 point away from a 7. I immediately requested a remark, however unfortunately for me since there is such a small number of examiners for Danish, my papers went back to the original examiner, who obviously wouldn't disagree with his own grading, hence my grade stayed exactly the same :/ I'm wondering whether its the same deal with the German examiners? If your grade changes for the better, you get your money back. I think it costs around 100 dollars, and a lot of people say a grade increase is pretty co
  7. Ahh I forgot to mention, I don't think the IBO remarks before September :/ I have never heard of anyone getting their results that quickly, I think all results come back at the end of September or the beginning of October if I remember correctly.
  8. Ahh you don't understand, my IB coordinator DOES NOT respond during the summertime. Is there anyone I can contact, at all? I really need to talk to someone, or go through an online thing or something to get my remark. I'm desperate. Please help. Trust me, I had the EXACT same coordinator, absolutely refusing to respond during the summer. Unfortunately there is nothing else you can do except wait, you should maybe tell your university that you are waiting for a remark but other than that you just have to wait until your IBC decides to honour you with his/her presence. I suggest bugging you
  9. You have plenty of time to remark, and I think no matter when you request the remark it will still take the same X amount of time either way. I am sure your IBC will notice your email this week and request the remark, you have to pay a fee for getting them remarked (around 100 dollars for each subject I think). Remember that grades in the natural sciences are not as likely to change as grades in the social sciences or languages. Everything has to go through your IB Coordinator and the IBO will not deal with you directly. You will get the results from the remarking before you know it! Good luck
  10. I just transferred the money to my school and they paid the IBO. Either way, it won't be difficult!
  11. Some people on here are saying that they are released tomorrow, but I personally didn't receive mine until mid-september! (I was not pleased). Some IB Coordinators are a total hassle to deal with and don't want to give them out but I say just keep bugging them and don't give up. After all this is your future, not theirs! Edit: I just emailed my coordinator! Should be no problem
  12. I must admit I am a little disappointed in the remarking process but trust me a lot of people swear by it and say they usually always experience an increase of a few marks. I took my language B SL anticipated the year before the rest of my finals and received a 6, but I was only one tiny mark away from a 7 (not 1% but literally 1 mark) and I asked for a remark but since my language B subject is quite uncommon my papers went back to the original examiner, which I personally think is super unfair (of course the examiner is going to agree with his own grade!) so nothing changed for me. Then a y
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