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  1. Hello everyone, So comes the time when every yr12 student has to write up his first draft of the Extended Essay. I chose two books, 'We' by Yevgeny Zamyatin and 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley. So, i'm currently reading 'We' and I still have no idea what my research question is going to be. So the point of me posting here is to have a few ideas of potential research questions for a comparative essay. Some of my ideas were: - Exploring the claustrophobia of the two dystopian universes and how the authors use it to emphasize them ( the universes) - Exploring the use of media in both novels, a
  2. @kiwi.at.heat and Dew, Thank you very much for your responses. It seems like it's not such a good idea after all, and thinking about it, it would probably make me feel like **** seeing my friends graduating and having to wait one more year. That's a big no for me. So, what steps do you think I should take in order to get my **** back together. There's less than a month til' summer. So some work can be done there, also, I have a pretty chill summer where I am ready to do work, but I know if I don't have a good structure I will never do it. For year 13, what do you guys recommend I do? Hours of
  3. Hello everyone, I haven't been on here for a while, but now I need your thoughts on this. So i'm about to finish Year 12 and i'm not satisfied with my performance this year. I knew I could have been 10 points up ( yes 10 points) by having correct organization and not being in a catch up state constantly. Now, my results for the first two terms were 25/42. Which is unacceptable for me. I want to be getting 35 minimum and know I can get it. So I basically have two possibilities. 1) Work like one crazy mother****er from now until the exams in year 13. There is a very high chance I won't carry t
  4. Hello guys! I am in IB1 at the moment, and currently doing my first IA, I have the basic Intro, Apparatus, Method that happens before the experiment, is there a specific framework to follow? I'd imagine its similar to Biology IAs. Thanks! I'll post attached what I have currently so you can have a look. Its of course unfinished since I have not done the actual experiment.
  5. And what did you get for your term 1 report, if you don't mind me asking. And, apart from homework, do you do personal study/revision/notemaking at home? And do you focus a lot in class?
  6. So, what's your 'secret' if we can call it that. How many hours of work do you do per night? personal revison/work? Social life? Thanks for answering!
  7. Hey guys, I got my Term 1 report yesterday ( year 12) and got 25, so obviously this is not very good, I was wondering if people usually do badly on their first report, and how to do better on the next one. I'm planning on having 30-34 on the next one, is it possible? Thanks! And what did YOU get on your Term 1 report?
  8. Hello, I am in Y12, and we have just completed Sequences& Series, Logs and Binomial Expansion. I am having a very hard time understanding the concepts without a tutor. When I am in class, I literally understand the first 5 minutes and then anything he writes on the board might as well be alien language. Everytime my tutor comes, anything he explains I understand very well, and I understand for ever. The thing is, as soon as he is gone , I am unable to understand things on my own, no matter what I do I don't understand. I am wondering if I am the only one experiencing this problem, or am I
  9. Hello, I have no started the year to my full potential, and I have all the intentions to change that. I am more or less behind in terms of acquired knowledge in almost every subject I am taking. I wish to be on top of my subject and be the best I can be. Do you guys have any organization tips, learning tips, previous experiences, advice on how to stay on track etc. Thank you! Nic
  10. Hello! I have recently started my first year of IB and so far so good ( except for maths, but i'm not here to whine). I wanted to know, since none of my teachers have a straight answer and seem like they don't know their own job, how many hours of PERSONAL study I should be doing per night. That is after I have successfully completed my homework, and I revise the topic I am currently studying. I have created myself a little ( big) schedule for my personal study/revision. This schedule includes 16 hours of personal work per week, not including homeworks and assignments. 2 hours on weekdays, no
  11. I still visit TSR occasionaly, but only because i'm still in year 11, next year, no more!
  12. Thank you very much, I will keep all of the above in mind, thank you!
  13. Hey guys, I am in year 11 passing my IGCSE, but next year i'll be entering the IB programme, and wanted to know how many hours of work per night I could expect, and how many hours I SHOULD be doing. Thanks!
  14. aaaaand, thank you wikipedia!
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