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  1. Yeah, I understand your doubt and as a developer I understand it. Even more, doing good game takes more time and skill than writing program. It needs skills in many fields as modelling physics of collisions, etc. To be honest, I wanted to write dossier that was quite complex and was into criteria. After all, I wrote EXTREMALLY simple program which aims into fulfiling criteria. Why? Doing bigger one was pointless and was just a loss of time. The task that is before you is one of the tasks that you have to do. Your task is not as nice as dossier is, because you do not have "Mastery Factors" that
  2. Geez, do not overdo it. Checking dependency period vs length, frequency vs length is quite enough for internal like this. Generally, I shall spoil the fun, it does not depend on mass or amplitude
  3. It would be too easy. You should take under consideration that you are not only limited by equipment, but also by your reflex. So, increasing, as you suggested in point 2), is reasonable if described. My teacher told me to do it like that: Error of the average is equal to error of the measurement divided by square root of repetitions (eg. ) . Although, as I've mentioned, I think more reasonable is +/-0.1 or even +/-0.2.
  4. No, I don't think it will be a problem, but moderators may be just quite harsh about it. It is experience of my teacher
  5. @matija As far as I know, the computer science guide 2014 does not have something like dossier. It has project but, as far as I was concerned, it is quite strange. Generally, when IB Examiners see "computer game / video game" they are skeptical about it. It is my teacher's opinion.
  6. I interpreted 1st topic in the same as you, Marius, but I've been wondering: what may be counter-argumentation? Because in the science every disagreement is good. It is why science goes on. It is why I wonder if I do not take another approach: disputes between science and other fields.
  7. Hey. I was wondering, how easy is the connection between shadow generating function and both shadow and input function? And is Part A essential for the working solution for Part B?
  8. Don't you mean E? AFAIK in E is reasoned argument... Generally, reasoned arguement means that you should consider all that is connected. You must show that you know there is many approaches to your topic and prove by analysis that you have chosen appropiate one. Generally, D & E criteria are also connected with in-depth analysis. It's something like D : Knowledge and E : Analysis, as far as I know.
  9. ToK is up to 60 points, as far as I can remember. 20 points for TOK Presentation and 40 for Essay. And as far as I can remember 11 points can be lost for the TOK's A. May 2005 TOK: Overall: E: 0-21 D : 22-31 C: 32-39 B: 40-48 A: 49-60 May 2006 EE: A: 30-36 B: 25-29 C: 17-24 D : 9-16 E: 0-8 Edit: Mods, do not warn me very hard for OT... ^^.
  10. Nope, CAS is only to be passed. TOK + EE gives 3 points
  11. There is an EE/TOK matrix. EE+TOK gives maximally 3 points. [Yeah, sorry for offtopic :>]
  12. I write about the theory of carnivalesque in the context of the sexual intercourse and erotical motifs in the book. "How the carnivalesque is built by the erotical motifs in..." is my RQ. Generally, the new guide allows to create linguistic EE but I don't think you would find any example. In case of Language A. In case of Languages B, essays are easier and can (and even should: even in case of literature analysis) concern the culture of given country. My second topic, if I would fail Polish would be in English: "What is a role of Tom Bombadil in the J.R.R. Tolkien's work?"
  13. What are you going to study, if you don't mind asking? It is important, because some of things in Physics HL are quite nice to know while studying engineering. Chemistry, in my school, is quite medicine-oriented, so I've found it absolutely useless for me.
  14. Well, you need some documents for the CAS. Generally: CAS Proposal Form -> What is activity, Who is supervisor, etc, CAS Diary - once per week, in the case of the continous activity, or just for once in case of single activity, it must be described. Finally, CAS Evaluation Form - What that activity gave me, what is learning outcome? As far as I've searched for CAS 2014 guide I haven't seen new guide, which would imply that there was change in hour system, but contact your CAS coordinator for further info. In case of sport, citing my coordinator, "sport is an activity when the improvement ca
  15. I dunno how much program changed in CAS but I'll try to answer 1. Yeah, it's possible but you must think about yourself. The enjoyment of CAS is possible 2. Yeah, it is. The problem is that hours, if faked, should be faked smartly because CAS can be sent to the IB for verification. 3. I dunno, I do not have that system. 4. At least two in given group. No max. More activities => More paperwork. 5. Generally, do activities that you can log. For example, if you go gym and you use track write down how many kilometers/miles have you run.
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