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  1. Stop worrying so much. Just answer this question: Do you want a challenge that is worthwhile? If yes, then join IB. It might not be the best experience in the last two years of high school, but we are young, so it is good to try out a lot of things, especially IB if your school has the privilege to offer it. Good luck.
  2. This year I changed to another TOK class. This teacher is so cool and fun, talks pertinent things in class and also marks fairly kind. I sure look forward to go to his class every day.
  3. Thanks. I am going with Arial 14 for headings, and TNR 12 or 11. 11 saves paper, lot of my friends are using 11-12 and 1.5 spacing. Y can't we just all submit our stuff online instead of printing drafts after drafts... Thank you all for your help. EE due tomorrow Then it's all over!!! Hurray!!!
  4. Just read your essay 5 times per day. Sleep on it. Re-read it the next day and you will find so many useless words and nonsenses. Yes, it can be a pain reading your own work sometimes, but after revision, it gets really concise and to the point. And I don't completely agree with procrastination squeezes creativity, but it has its advantages... I am kidding.
  5. As the question says, what font size should we use for the body paragraph of our beloved EE? Smaller ones look nicer, save paper, but I am thinking that the markers have bad eye sight and need slightly larger fonts. What font size did u guys use or want to suggest? I am going crazy on the presentation of EE right now... I will be fine...
  6. I think that there is more potential in any science EEs to be creative and original than English, History or Geo, because you design your own experiment based on your observation on life and come up with your own inquiries, whereas in English or Geo, you refer to books and stats that fill your head with preconceptions and then you come up with what you want to do as EE. The language and cultural backgrounds in those subject areas create more biases than Science EE do (I think), because I think that observation on anything not man-made is unbiased, but the way you interpret them makes them bias
  7. I would definitely recommend doing EE on Biology. You have more potential to make an interesting and original experiment that most people would enjoy reading than some long Geo stats, or English Lit analysis. We done those already in Geo fieldstudies and English Worldlit papers, so why repeat it? As for the differences in IB Bio and regular, it does not matter. Your EE requires you to do your own research anyway, and the school materials usually won't be relevant. Go Bio!
  8. 1. Don't procrastinate (Yea right) 2. Start work early (Maybe) 3. Sleep more (If we don't procrastinate) 4. Music - it helps your soul 5. Dance - shake all that stress away 6. Sports - help blood flow, thus, better grades 7. Play musical instruments - Piano, guitar, flute. 8. Read... (for some people... I am not one of them)
  9. Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. Accordingly, a genius is someone talented who has done his or her homework. Thomas A. Edison, 1932
  10. Hi. Just say what you want to say instead of adding stuff such as "The reason for me in doing this topic is because that blah blah blah." Intead, explain why your topic is important, and necessary for an EE, not just for getting your diploma. As for how you came up the topic, just tell it like a story, with less Is... My example is something like" Spiders are one of the most effective predators to disease carrying insects, they are free labourers like bees that help our society at minimal disturbances to other things. If they are gone, blah blah blah. Therefore! It is important to investigate
  11. Nonono... She went first, and got stuck. She can't get out of the hole anymore, and there is a whole bunch of people behind her. And the water is rushing up behind those ppl. She is stuck, blocking the only possible exit. The bottom line is, would you kill some pregnant women(Drug-addicted or not makes a difference?) in order to save your life, or your friends's life which might also be at risk?
  12. Thanks for the link. It is really comprehensive, although I only took a glimpse of it. Talked to my supervisor. He said that's what an EE is suppose to be, involving deeper investigation rather than just testing 1-2 independent variables. Thanks again
  13. Just a quick question. For my bio EE, I have 2 focuses originally, but as you progress more you find more solutions to the problems and want to investigate into those ones, so then does that count as off topic? How much would you spend your data on the first problem and the later ones, what if I went over the word limit?
  14. You look really confused. Calm down, it's only Draft I. Tell yourself, you can do this! What is it that you want to investigate in civility? I see that you have some idea on the amount of civility and its causes. What are your other prefered topics? Talk to your supervisor more.
  15. I agree with choosing that topic too. Perhaps change your wording a bit, like... How does gender role have an impact on adolescent voice. You can read "A room of One's own" by Virginia Woolf. She talks about how women are not recognized as much as men are and etc. It might help, have a look.
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