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  1. Hi, just got accepted into University of Toronto Arts. Their offer is a bit vague. It simply states that I should get the IB diploma. Does that mean a mere 24 will satisfy them? i had a predicted of 36/45. HELP PLEASE
  2. It depends on your housing preference. If you prefer traditional housing, then look at Trinity, Victoria and University College. Thats the first step of course. In addition to this, each College specializes in a field. If I am not mistaken, Trinity and Victoria have their hands deep rooted in the field of Anthropology, Do your research before making a choice
  3. Anyone have any ideas on what the PPP topic will be? Or when its out? I heard its the 8th of October :/
  4. Hey guys, how good do you guys think my chances of getting into U of T, UBC or McGill are with the following grades. These exclude the 3 bonus points and are for a B.A in psychology. 1st year IB 1st term-28 2nd term-30 3rd term-33(exam grade) 31(term grade) Any thought?
  5. Hey guys I have a bit of a problem :/ Im applying to Canada with math studies for a course in sociology(BA) but if I go on to major in econ(BA) will I be able to apply to an MBA program? Will they find that a BA in econ is nt as worthy as a B COMM in Econ?? Oh and once you get into uni can you take the required math courses and move to a business course??
  6. Pulled two in a row which means i was up for over 30 hours. Doing IB you get used to it
  7. Ive been accepted into this program and was wondering which of you fellow IBers are going on it aswell:) This program,apparently, has different names but heres a link to their website:) http://www.presidentialclassroom.org/
  8. Hey guys one question. This is also called presidential classroom?
  9. Dont schools increase the grade boundaries for internal exams?
  10. Thank you so much! Im applying to Canada so the systems more or less the same. Thanks again:)
  11. Does anyone have an idea about this? I want to do a Bachelor of Arts but after my first year of uni can i move to a BCom IF i fulfill the requirements for those courses? Im doing math studies and i know i cant get into BCom with it but if i take up math in uni, will i be able to swap? HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Does anyone have links to the script of the absurdist play "The Dumb Waiter" By Harold Pinter?? I need it ASAP! THANK YOU:)
  13. Hey guys any ideas for a fund raiser. We did rose sales and a bake sale for Valentines day and it was brilliant! No dances or talent shows something small scale perhaps?
  14. Hey look firstly calm down:) Its brilliant that you have such a positive approach to getting a bad grade because most people only understand this later. I have a pretty crap teacher too and it really is all about the studying. Try asking another teacher for help. Solve past paper questions. Get a friend to quiz you. Maybe its just that you know the answer but your problem is putting it on paper. With a friend quizzing you, youll get practice putting things down on paper. PAST PAPERS are extremly important. Try flash cards and concentrate on new BIG(i know your not 2 but literally BIG) words Ju
  15. Im planning on applying there. Out of curiosity can you tell me your grades so i can judge mine based on yours? Thank you:)
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