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  1. This is somewhat late... But last year, someone didn't turn in 1 composition for IBH Music (three are required). In the end, the person ended up with a 4 on the exam (everyone else got a 6 or 7) and the eternal hate of the IB Music teacher. It is always better to submit something than nothing, no matter how horrible it is. A 5/20 is always better than a 0/20.
  2. For all of my IB classes, the teachers actually ENCOURAGE us to bring highlighters. We do exercises on how to use them most effectively and I used it during my French exam last year (I'm anticipated IB). oO Oh no... Do you know the reason why?
  3. I don't know how I feel about TOK. I love debating and I thought that was what TOK was all about. But in my class, all we do is follow the TOK textbook strictly and answer all of the questions in it (boring!). I don't feel as if the class was very useful at all, but mostly because of the teacher. Even though the IB essay is all done and has been for nearly two months now, we still do written essays like "Is the Mona Lisa a masterpiece?"!!!! I don't see how this widens my "academic" horizons or improves my logic in anyway. However at my school there's another TOK class (held by another teacher)
  4. Oh no! I had actually finished writing it and turned it in (my viva voce is tomorrow) but I was just wanted to confirm my suspicions that my EE would not be appropriate. Oh my goodness...
  5. My IA was somewhat similar to yours, but for a different time period. However, I think it can be successfully done, as long as you avoid making it too broad. For example, what if you limit down to a country, like Germany or the UK? You could even further narrow it down by limiting it to one form of media, such as posters/movies/newspapers/etc. Lastly, you could limit it to the messages of the propaganda (portrayal of women/enemy/etc). I hope this helps!
  6. I know that a lot of people have already commented on this post, but I'll just add my two cents. =P A lot of people take IB Music at my school, and the people who do the best are the ones who have natural musical talent (?) because they have extremely good aural skills and can compose very well, not the people who are really good at playing an instrument. So, if you think you have those skills + a basic background in theory, there's no reason why you can't accomplish IB Music within one year.
  7. Hi, I'm doing my EE on Pygmalion, but I'm not sure if my topic is appropriate! In my essay, I'm arguing that Henry Higgins has Asperger's Syndrome, by listing a couple of symptoms and showing how Henry Higgins has those symptoms through the text of the play. However, is this too close to a psychology EE? Thanks. =)
  8. It's not very creative at all... ahahah. But basically "rhaldud" = my Korean name typed out in an English keyboard. On a Korean keyboard it would be 고미영 instead. =P
  9. To be honest, I'm not quite certain. However I know that UK universities do not know a lot about IB or really understand the clear differences between A1, A2 and B. On the other hand, I also think to a certain extent it depends on your personal background and definitely on what you want to study at uni. If you're interested in the social sciences, which require much reading and writing, they may prefer A1 or A2. However if you're more oriented towards maths and science, I don't see why it would be a problem as long you get good marks. =)
  10. I did the Group 4 project last year. When we got the scores back, I was extremely shocked to get 2/6. I got 0 points for both "self-reflection and evaluation" and "self-motivation and perseverance" but 2 points for "working within a team". I'm guessing that I dropped the 2 points for "self-motivation and perseverance" because I abdicated from being the leader after a couple of mere hours since I did not know my advisor or share any classes with her, unlike this guy in my group. Also, there was another girl in my group who didn't do any work at all, constantly tardy, turned in forms after the d
  11. Sorry if this seems like a really asinine question, but I've always wondered the format in which IB grades come out. For example, in AP, they just give you a number out of 5 (I personally hate this). Is your IB grade like that, or is it broken down to each respective part, like IOP/Paper 1/Paper 2 etc. so you can see every aspect of your grade? Thank you very much! I suppose I'll find out soon enough... but I'm just curious right now!
  12. I noticed that IB created their own study guide/help books on various subjects called "IB Prepared". Does anyone have or know about any of this? And if you did, did you find it helpful and recommend me to get it? Please post your reviews! I would plan on getting either the EE, TOK, or Math SL one. Thanks!
  13. We just finished with this book and I'm also using this book for my World Lit paper Examples of food as a metaphor for unexpressed emotions: 1. The food at Alex and Esperanza's wedding was an extremely strong aphrodisiac. 2. Tita's breastmilk for Roberto, and Rosaura's lack of it However, I think to a certain extent, EVERY item of food mentioned in the novel represents Tita's emotions. You just have to be able to connect back to your thesis. I hope that helps! =)
  14. I want to do an EE on Gone with the Wind. However, I'm not sure which part of this very long novel to focus on. Therefore I divided it into three main groups: themes, motifs and symbols. Which one should I pursue and how should I specify this topic? Thank you very much.
  15. Our school mandated that we need to incorporate the place where we will do our group four projects: a recreational park near the river. What would be a viable option for my group?
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