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  1. Hey! I wrote B&M EE as well and sadly was 1 point short of getting an A... Writing the essay without taking the course is always tough as EE concentrates on you following the syllabus... As for strategies, start with defining them according to syllabus...
  2. I got a 6 in Economics HL and I can't say I studied a lot, just looked through my notes few days before the exam. As long as you understand how the things work (really understand not just draw the diagrams that are on the board), it's fine. I was stunned that I got a 6 since I felt I had written crap in both exam papers and the IA.
  3. Should AM Studio purchase a new faceting machine or continue investing in innovations. 6 as well
  4. Didn't really burst my bubble, I don't have high expectations when it comes to Econ mark, I did all the things that you said you did, they won't punish me for something extra, I just remember floating exchange rates regulating the trade balance
  5. The question was explain how devaluation/depreciation is used to improve current account
  6. Hey, guys, I have some questions.. First of all, if I mix tings up and write that cyclical unemployment arises from lower demand for workforce due to *)recession *)technological advancements *)industry downfall, while actually it is only the first one (dunno why I wrote such nonsense, the last two are structural ), will they deduct points? Second, the question about depreciation/devaluation -- two things, first of all, after Marshall-Lerner and J-curve discussion, I also wrote that in case of floating exchange rate the current account will eventually regulate itself, is it wrong? Second, was i
  7. Regarding the social marketing - it is advertising social ideas etc etc right? Like, don't smoke, or don't pollute the environment? In this case what is it? Convincing locals, that UWP Mission has come with positive intentions? Popularizing them among the locals, encouraging peace? And social/environmental audit, I am not 100% surer I understood those terms - social is when you assess how socially responsible you are? And environmental? From what I found from definitions it is soley about environment in terms of pollution/air etc but it can't be so?
  8. as long as the equation 0,23=e^-lambda*t was correct, i am safe, but i don't remember the age precisely regarding the kinetic energy - was the wavelenght given? if i recall correctly, it was, and then i think i found the frequency and max kinetic energy is Planck's constant x frequency, no? can anyone confirm that the two graphs in sight&wave phenomena part about polarization were such that in the first one at 0 and 180 degrees intensity is Io, but at 90 degrees it is zero, in the second one at 0 and 180 degrees - intensity is Io, but at 90 degrees it is 0,5Io?
  9. Quantum&Nuclear + Sight and wave phenomena..
  10. Oh, and the ratio of the sequence. I got 0.4 was that right?
  11. As for binomials. My way of thinking was the following. At least one faulty... Only scenario in which this doesn't occur is when all are good. Prob of not being faulty = 0.95. None not faulty? (0.95)^30. Then I subtracted the result from 1 and got 70-smth %. Part B at least one faulty, not more than two is like X=1 and X=2. Binomial pdf for both, added and got the result. Part C, the conditional. Answer from part B divided by answer from part A.
  12. I got 1/7, 5/21 and 1/5, if I recall correctly. First one being that 2 white balls are drawn from bag A, second one - that there will be 2 white balls from either bag A or bag B; third one - given there are 2 white balls, prob that they come from bag A
  13. Don't worry, I won't get complacent as the next exam is Physics, which... well... If I get a 4, I will be lucky
  14. Great to hear, that k was 3 AND -1.. Hoping for a 7 as well, even though there were some tricky parts in Paper2..
  15. As for two equal roots, i think i got k= 3 & -1
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