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  1. Well I have 120 data points, but I sorted them into 4 figures as they were all yes or no answers. True, but even so, if I stick to the criteria tightly then I don't see why it would cause a major problem seeing as I already collected all my data already. I'll keep it in mind though if my project starts getting more problematic than it already is...
  2. Right now my topic is: "A statistical analysis of International Baccalaureate Diploma students and Higher School Certificate students at (My school) wanting to study overseas or within Australia for tertiary education." I was planning on using pearson's correlation coefficient, line of linear regression, coefficient of determination and chi squared test for independence, however I don't know how to proceed/plot my data for anything other than the chi squared test as I only really have 4 figures. Should I be using some other statistical processes? If so, which ones?
  3. Pretty sure if anyone who even sees this thread is procrastinating :L
  4. Good, friendly and a good atmosphere. Do you play any sports?
  5. Hi, Just wondering what makes a project "too simple". My maths teacher is new to teaching the IB and approved my project, however I asked one of the more experienced staff who has taught studies for a while now, she immediately said my project was too simple... I'm not really sure what to do... My topic was something along the lines of "The regular amount of weekly exercise during one's final school year and ATAR" ATAR is the mark that we get in Australia for University admission after subject scaling... Is this too simple?
  6. Wow. You're taking 7 subjects ? You better be really really smart then O_O
  7. MULAN ! And yes, however now that I watch them as I am older, I never realised how complicated and deep the movies were.
  8. Hey dude, don't give up. I'm in a similar, but not so bad position as you. I am failing 2/4 of my HLs, and my parents put a lot of pressure on me for maths because my older brother topped the school when he did it. I failed my last HL maths test and not only did my teacher but my peers were telling me to drop too, but I feel my chemistry may be worse. Since then I have been persevering, but struggling a lot having a class full of people intellectually smarter than me, however I have been working hard and my upcoming maths test is on Monday. I can already look back and see how much progress
  9. I'm inclined to feel its a bit late for everyone on this forum... ^Too true to both of them. What I do ... is just tell the world, who cares if they want to know or not, if you actually say you'll do something to someone, I find I actually end up studying more often
  10. Well ... this is a bit different to whats been said but ... River Flows in You by Yiruma
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