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  1. I want to study entrepreneuring and art, and then start my own PR business somewhere.
  2. There's a girl in my class who's going to make use of film photography. Of course you can use it - however, the examiners strongly encourage you to write down the process thoroughly in the workbook so that you can prove you took the photo, or something..
  3. I guess you could, by looking at your graphs, create a line of best fit to see if there seems to be any deviations from the norm or something like that. Also, you could calculate the r-values (using excel of course, not just your calculator, in order to make it a sophisticated process as required in the syllabus) using your results. You could ramble on and on about this for a pretty long time and get some points for that. Hmm, just a suggestion, dunno if I am just rambling myself but i hope it helps!
  4. The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad!
  5. How has Dorothea Lange influenced the development and status of contemporary documentary photography?
  6. Hey guys! So I am writing my Extended Essay in Visual Arts. I've had some trouble with my research question, which was originally something like this: "How did Dorothea Lange promote social change through her art work during the Great Depression in the United States?" My supervisor told me that the question is too broad, but told me that it would be narrowed down during the process. On Friday I have to hand in my outline and I haven't done anything whatsoever. (Bad idea I know) Yesterday I talked to my supervisor; I had done SOME research and started thinking about how Dorothea Lange managed
  7. Hey guys! So I have a really hard time getting started with my Extended Essay, mostly due to the fact that I have no idea what I am going to do. My research question was originally: "How did Dorothea Lange try to promote social change through her art work during the Great Depression in the United States?" My supervisor told me that the question was too broad, and that I need to narrow it down. To say the least, I am extremely lost. I have four enormous books that I've borrowed from the library, and whenever I start reading it feels hopeless. I won't remember much of what I have read anyway. I
  8. Hey guys, so I intend to write my Internal Assessment on Swedish Neutrality in WW2. The thing is, I don't know how to get a good research question without it being too obvious (obviously..). For example, my first thought was to write something about what "price they had to pay" in order to stay out of the war. But that feels sort of obvious too. Does anybody have any good ideas? Thaaaaanks.
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