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  1. Brilliant. For the mock exams that I've had, I average around 2 1/2 pages per question so it's quite reassuring to know that I'm fine.
  2. For those who are taking the IB History HL/SL exams later this week – How much should we be writing for each essay? (For the 2 questions in Paper 2 and for those in higher level, the 3 questions in Paper 3). Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I was wondering whether there are any formatting requirements for the Economics IA. Such as: Spacing - double space, 1.5 spacing, ... Fonts - Times New Roman or Helvetica Paging - Single-sided pages (No double sided pages) ... Thanks in advance. A.
  4. Sorry I'm a bit confused today - is 2x experiments: Containing design, DC/P, CE fine?
  5. Hello, thanks for the reply. Two of each criteria - does this mean 2x experiments with design, 2x experiments with DC/P, 2x experiments with CE? Or 2x experiment writeups with design+DCP+CE? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I was wondering how many practical writeups / IAs are sent to the IBO and how they are selected. I've done perhaps 8-10 writeups throughout my IB 'career' and have so far achieved perfect marks (I'm doing SL, perhaps that's why) for the three components for two writeups, while the rest are abysmal. How many are submitted and how are our marks (that contribute to the overall IB Biology SL grade) calculated? Thanks in advance. A.
  7. I've found quite a lot of documentation on the Battle of Stalingrad from the Russian side regarding the battle and the conditions of it, but not really that much from the German side. I was wondering whether the people from IBS could help me on this. On Wikipedia, it says: "The next day he made a six page situation report to the general staff", which is then referenced to Kehrig, Manfred Stalingrad, Stuttgart: Deutsche Verlags Anstalt, 1974 pages 279,311-312,575. However, this is in German so I am unable to read this. Are there any sources that are in English that detail the German perspect
  8. Is it mandatory to include an appendices / appendix for the Extended Essay? (I'm currently doing my History EE.) Thanks in advance. A
  9. My teacher has said something about this as well. The extra procedures in the new version of the English (A1.1) has added this kind of anti-plagiarism verification for the IBO to check. Hm. :|
  10. The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot. I first hated it at first but loved it afterwards.
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