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  1. Well, though what he says is true, there is also a HUGE movement, especially on the internet, to make fun of feminists and point out all the "faults in their logic". So the view many people have of feminism is not representative of their goals, it's the view of the caricature of feminism as portrayed by sort of "anti-feminists". The illogical, crazy statements by "feminists" are highlighted, while actual logical arguments and views are not. Just like with other movements, the main movement is often followed by some backlash counter-movement, and despite popular conception, I feel like we are c
  2. What makes your topic especially challenging is the fact that the controversy and heated debate around the 9/11 attacks makes it incredibly hard to find unbiased sources. Thus, when evaluating your sources, you need to be very critical. Choosing a topic such as yours means you will need to put in much more effort to succeed in it credibly. Honestly, however, I would stay away from a subject like the 9/11 attacks since the topic itself will make examiners more critical when evaluating your work, and it will be challenging to stay away from personal bias. Choosing a less recent, less controversi
  3. I just wanted to add that I was kinda nervous about taking IB Spanish HL at the start of IB, since I had taken a year off Spanish before and it hadn't always been my strongest subject in middle school. However, now after taking my IB HLs, I feel like Spanish was definitely my strongest IB exam and I am seriously expecting a 7. Languages are much easier to fix gaps in than other subjects, since our minds are naturally somewhat attuned to picking up languages. I don't know how it would have been for me with a different teacher though, since I think my Spanish teacher was great at making use of l
  4. All my friends said they thought it was really easy but I was crunched for time so :'(. What's a good length for the question 4 response?
  5. I'm pretty sure I know which question you're talking about but I'm scared to hint at which one since I don't want to be moderated. But if you were able to create a proof for it I think that in itself is rather impressive, though I don't believe it will necessarily give you points. (Though it may not appear so I'm in the same TZ)
  6. I guess you mean you didn't have the paper. But they ask you to make sure all the papers are there at the start so there isn't much you can do since that's part of the examination instructions
  7. I think you should just go for it, since if you stand a chance, the only way to bomb that chance is by not applying . And with those grades, you are guaranteed to get offers from most other places you apply to, so just take a chance, if you get into Oxford it'll be worth it.
  8. Yes, mainly Paper 3. Though depending on your Paper 1 and 2 topics, they might have something useful for there too. However, Paper 3 is the Americas history paper, and so of course the US presidents fit there best.
  9. Honestly, with an IOC it is basically impossible to plagiarize, since you will put what you read online into your own words anyway, you won't memorize it word for word. And even if you did memorize it well enough for it to be word for word, since it is oral, they would have to go through a lot of effort to catch you plagiarizing. Honestly I don't think you can really plagiarize on the IOC.
  10. Assuming you know it well and not just in a vague sense, go for it! They can't penalize you for using any specific study. However, with a more widely known study, examiners are more likely to notice if you make a mistake, and they have probably seen a lot of papers exactly like yours etc. Many students probably use Phineas Gage when they don't know the learning outcome and thus must B.S. their response, thus writing a bad response and making other kids who use the study look bad. However, if you know it really well, you should score as well as when using another less overused study.
  11. Well if you aren't going for diploma then just take physics, it's harder, more respected and probably more interesting. Though obviously math, though not the most interesting thing in the world, is very necessary for college and life etc. Though obviously I as a diploma student should encourage you to take diploma . IB scholars is probably only recognized by your school, and you are just seen as a certificate student everywhere else, and the diploma is more prestigious. Also, as a U.S. student you should probably be aware of the fact that more prestigious colleges don't give IB credit for SLs
  12. I have no idea what DCP CE is supposed to stand for...We've never talked about those in bio XP Do you mean lab report topics?
  13. Well, you should research about different topics regarding Christianity, since we cannot tell you what to do for your IA. It's always best if you do something that interests you, rather than simply something that someone else tells you to do. Here is a World Religions EE to give you inspiration: http://www.sanjuan.edu/webpages/tisullivan/files/ee%20sample-%20world%20religions.pdf
  14. I would say technically it's a study, not an experiment. However, it truly is such a minute detail that I doubt you would have to worry about it for Paper 1. Just review and relax
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