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  1. pretty much yeah:) hi silvia! yeah about the taylor series... i don't understand what it is. are we just supposed to substitue some value and show that it does the same thing as this infinite sequence?
  2. ugh me too! i keep having to proof read. from what desy has said, I think it just means to chose more variables to test for a, x, and n to make sure that the general statement is true for all the positive constants. I think it's just like doing the previous 2 parts but with different numbers to see if you get the same thing or what restraints you have. i'm not sure though....
  3. Yes! i am so close to finishing but i can't get this last bit! and it's due by 7:30 AM tomorrow morning and of course my parents decided to celebrate my birthday TONIGHT of all nights!
  4. how long would you guys recommend graph decriptions be? I can never find enough words or proper terminology to describe a graph and usually get marked down for it.... oh and desy? what do you mean by "Similar necessary investigation until you can find the general statement for Tn(a,x) as n approaches ∞" in your outline?
  5. Well you might wanna rethink the whole "represents a society's point of view" thing... You shouldn't really take Mersault's view of the law as the same as the perspective of French society, considering that he and Albert Camus were existentialist... They have a rather unorthodox point of view. Also, you could find similarites. Doesn't it seem ridiculous how much time had passed before the murder was solved in Chronicle of a Death Foretold? Didn't executing Mersault seem fair since he killed a man and could possibly do it again sine he acts on impulse? What is or should be considered honorable,
  6. Julie's right. Cut out any unnecessary flowery language or excessive context/quotes. Re-read it and make sure that everything is concise but makes a point. About your WL2, having 2 points should be fine. If you go way in depth with those points, it's actually more impressive than trying to cover a bunch of different points because then your paper is shallow and unfocused.
  7. "Self-expression towards women"? you should probably rephrase that. do you mean "female self-expression" or how other individuals express themselves towards women? When your teacher asks to narrow it down, she probably means your should look for more specific literary elements than just "adultery". Like how the author's diction or syntax change when describing sexual situations, or if it changes at all. Is it more free-slowing, using visual imagery and long sentences? Or is it very curt and abrupt? Is there some sort of motif or symbol associated with adultery for the characters? Something lik
  8. What are you trying to prove? What is your thesis? Like, what kind of universal theme are you trying to prove using the friendships between these characters in these two seperate works? You should really have some sort of thesis that you're trying to prove and find a motif/sinilarity/etc. that helps support that instead of the other way around. Btw, are these characters from Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende?
  9. It says: "Define Tn(a,x) as the sum of the first n terms, for various values of a and x, e.g. T9(2,5) is the sum of the first nine terms when a = 2 and x = 5" i read your post. when you say "calculation" does that mean show how to find the term using steps and such? or could i just say T9(2,5) = this? sorry for all of the questions ;; i hope i'm not being troublesome. you are really helpful desy
  10. Umm similar but different. You only need to find the 9th term (T9) with various values of a and x is that what it means by "define"? just find the 9th term of various values of a and x?
  11. are we supposed to use the same method from the first part as with the second part but with only 9 terms instead of 11?
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