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  1. A friend of mine is going to start studying "business & law" at warwick university this fall. good reputation. check it out!
  2. Congratulations, it seems your hard work has paid off! I will ensure that this summer I will revise my metaphorical socks off in Biology and other subjects I am not strong in. Thank you very much for your advice! If you need any help or futher advice (i wasn't very detailed in the post above) write me a pm and i'll be glad to help/advise/suggest...
  3. be able to explain every single syllabus statement in the appropriate amount of detail (check the weighting of the item)- if you do that you win! i revised for at least 100 hours before the exam going through the syllabus statements over and over again- all with a friend (get someone you can learn with, it will make revising so much more fun)- got my results last week and i received a 7 in Bio HL
  4. some great tips: http://www.montgomeryschoolsmd.org/schools/rmhs/departments/socialstudies/ibhistoryia/sections.htm and about the scope: i disagree with the post above. don't include what you won't be talking about! i read examiners reports for history and they keep mentioning that there is no need to talk about stuff you won't be dealing with, only include what you WILL be talking about and what aspects you will investigate.
  5. Our teacher told us it wouldn't matter since it goes to two different markers. I don't think there's any explicit rule that says you can't anyway, and surely the IB should expect that people might do similar questions if they put nearly identical ones on two papers. Yeah I agree with albuhay on this, and I'd like to add that if this kind of a rule existed it would have to be stated on the cover page of the exam. exactly! also it is their own fault for putting it in
  6. yeah it won't fluctuate dramatically. only math may. history hl may be a bit higher, biology a bit lower (paper 2 at least). otherwise all other exams should be roughly the same, p1 for math maybe higher and p2 for math lower.
  7. Ahh...it was C I think...The diapraghm contracts and causes inhalation... And I don't the pic had anything to do with the question, it was which of the multiple answers correctly described the function of the diaphragm..... yup! diaphragm contracts to cause inhalation- definitely correct, i checked after the exam to be sure
  8. Acetominophen was the most effective drug during the first 7 days. I put sertoli cells, but most of my friends said it was germinal epithelium cells. (only question i wasn't sure about on p1)
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