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  1. If you guys are interested in liberal arts colleges then you should check this out too: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-liberal-arts-colleges
  2. Just thought I would share. It just came out: http://www.forbes.com/top-colleges/ 1 Williams College Massachusetts 2 Stanford University California 3 Swarthmore College Pennsylvania 4 Princeton University New Jersey 5 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Massachusetts 6 Yale University Connecticut 7 Harvard University Massachusetts 8 Pomona College California 9 United States Military Academy New York 10 Amherst College Massachusetts
  3. So in your opinion the answer was the one which involved aceytlcholine?
  4. There was one with a poisson distributions with cars getting rented out on the weekend or something. What was the answer to that one?!
  5. I definitely remember n=1416... I am honestly unsure about the absolute value thing, but I didn't even use the absolute values. Regarding the one with, when x=0 .99 rad, and when x=20 1.16 rad... I thought there wouldn't be a solution for both... As I remember it, the equation in question was Theta= 180 - arctan(13/20-x) - arctan(8/x)
  6. kk awesome, what questions do you remember? I remember getting 37.1 meters per second for a differential equation question with velocity and acceleration...
  7. Can you guys remind me of the infinite geometric series question you mentioned on part a??!
  8. Yah i got the same values for point D, like (7/2,5/2,1) or something like that... i don't remember the exact values :'(
  9. I loved the vectors question! I thought the part b complex number question a bit difficult, at least for the second half of it...
  10. Did you also finish probability. Your class seems to be very fast!
  11. ^how much homework would you say you get on average per night in just math? Also do you remember stuff you've done before like polynomials and trig and stuff?
  12. ^Did you do matrix algebra or vectors yet? Because my teacher is convinced that we should finish all the algebra stuff first before we head on into calculus.
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