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  1. What did you learn at school today? - Tom Paxton
  2. Yeah you're right it's used everywhere in England as a drinking toast, although interestingly I wouldn't normally use it to mean goodbye. Award Winning Boss, no it doesn't really matter, I was just interested in the regional differences in its uses, because I've got a mixed up vocabulary from my dad (a Yorkshireman), growing up in London and now going to school in Kent...
  3. I live in London and would normally use the word "cheers" to mean thanks if I was talking to friends or someone in a shop who'd served me. However I've recently moved to a sixth form in Kent and people almost never say "cheers" and find it weird that I use it as much as I do. I was just wondering where in England one would say cheers to mean thanks regularly in general conversation. Is it a London thing or would you say it normally in other parts of the UK?
  4. If the USA wishes to be know as the United States of America as opposed to Texas, Alabama, New York State etc. then I believe that the federal government has a responsibility to unite the states on certain important issues through the use of legislation that requires all states to abide by certain laws. Everyone in America has voted for the president of the USA, therefore he is represents the whole of the United States, under the current voting system. Legislation such as the 1964 Civil Rights Act was relevant for every American state and it was appropriate that every state should have the sam
  5. 1. Billy Bragg - Life's A Riot Between The Wars - possibly my favourite artist, but I chose this album because it was the first album of which I listened to every track 2. Green Day - American Idiot - an album I can listen to anytime, anyday 3. Oasis - (What's the Story?) Morning Glory - classic, Wonderwall and Champagne Supernova, what more can I say? 4. Streetlight Manifesto - Somewhere in the Inbetween - the lyrics of these songs make this album 5. MCR - The Black Parade - when I'm in a bad mood the second half of this album is what I normally want to listen to. But, my taste often changes
  6. I agree that parents care about their child's education and therefore pay a lot of money in order for them to get a good education, and maybe I didn't phrase it clearly enough, but what I meant is that almost all of the children at private schools come from well-supported homes with parents who wish them to focus on getting a good education and enjoying it and achieving the best that they can, whereas there is a much larger spread of support in the state education system because it takes everybody and therefore it ranges from people from very supportive homes, to those who receive no support a
  7. In my opinion the reason public schools tend to get better results is because the parents are often more supportive of their kid's education because they are paying a lot of money for them to be educated in a private school. In Britain state grammar schools and private schools get the best results, whilst on average comprehensive schools do not do as well. However that does not mean that the private and grammar schools are better, they may just have better teachers, more money, more motivated kids or cleverer kids to start with. Personally I believe that everyone should be educated in the stat
  8. I don't know if this would be useful but "unter Dach and Fach" means "signed and sealed"
  9. Not very inspirational but they make me smile... “Michael Owen is a good goalscorer, not a natural born one, not yet, that takes time." - Glenn Hoddle (I think) 'And for those of you watching without television sets, live commentary is on Radio 2' - not sure who
  10. Class of '13 and my subjects are French, German and History HL and Maths, English A1 and Biology SL. I'm looking forward to starting
  11. Early mornings, just seem to be much more alert so am much more productive. Used to be a late nights person but a winter spent waking up at 2am for the Ashes has changed all that...
  12. My friend used her showers to practice her French orals and swore it was v. beneficial... Never been tempted myself though, showers are my time to relax and let everything go
  13. Economic Left/Right: -7.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.77 I always considered myself left wing economically, however some of the principles I support in theory I can not see being easily implemented
  14. Completely free to do the course and your exams are paid for as long as your attendance is over 90%. You pay a deposit for books but get it back at the end of the two years when you give the books back in. If we had to pay anything like a lot of you I wouldn't be able to take IB...
  15. Favourite Sport to watch and play YNWA
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