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  1. Oh my gosh the last couple weeks absolutely terrible for me as far as mental breakdowns go cos I had my AP Chemistry exam, Chem SL exam, Math SL exam, AP US History exam, and my SATs all within a span of like eight days. I cried A LOT just from the sheer stress of studying so much and feeling like all my hard work was going to be wasted if I failed my exams. But I feel like on top of the world now that I've got the bulk of my exams finished so I guess you just power through and hope for the best.
  2. There's this dude in my English class that I'm 99% sure does drugs and he was absent for like a whole week recently. He still manages to provide pretty insightful in English class though so maybe he's onto something haha. And I've heard a lot of the senior IB class does drugs too so yeah.
  3. If I were you I'd start by identifying the qualities of a tragic hero and then find examples from the text to support that John Proctor does indeed fit the definition of a tragic hero. Then you could go deeper into analysis and use literary devices and such to develop your thesis.
  4. Music. Like seriously without music to accompany me during those long nights I seriously would have gone crazy (although some would argue that I have already lost my mind). STAYING UP LATE CHATTING WITH FRIENDS. It helps so much to know that your friends are suffering alongside you, especially if you're taking the same subjects and can whine about how much work your history teacher's given you or whatever. Putting stuff in perspective. I guess just knowing that it won't be the end of the world if you get a bad mark in this class helps the stress level. And this also goes along with cutting c
  5. I don't think you'd need HL Math for a bio related major but I'm not sure. Either way, I think doing 4 HLs is pretty intense and especially with HL Math added in there. I'm taking SL but it's a mixed class with HL students and my math teacher is constantly telling us that she's surprised that so many people choose to do Math HL since it's such a challenging course. I think having Bio, English, and History at HL is good enough so if I were you I'd drop down to SL Math, just to make it a little easier on yourself.
  6. Well I finished reading Anna Karenina this summer and even though it is a long read, I think it's worth it. Tolstoy really does a good job getting into the heads of the various characters and such, so you feel like you can really understand their thought processes and everything. One of the things that annoyed me was how all their names sounded so similar though and there's quite a few characters so I'd make a list of characters as you're reading so you won't get as annoyed as me. Other than that, I'd say go for it if you find Anna Karenina interesting! It's long so it'll take a while to read
  7. If I were you, I'd go back to your old school that you really liked because honestly, its not worth it putting yourself through two years of IB at a school that you don't even like going to. IB IB is hard enough without having to be annoyed by a bunch of losers all the time. Obviously, there are going to be a group of losers at every school you go to but the way you described the Valley School makes it sound like you like it a lot better. I don't think doing IB would make such a big difference for getting into NYU anyway because if you're taking the hardest classes at your school, admissions w
  8. Well I've only done like two full months of IB so far but I think I would choose IB over AP again, mostly because I find all my classes really fascinating (apart from Math but I've never found that interesting). I love that we get to have actual discussions about literature that I actually care about in English and we really get to delve deeper in the work and everything. The English 3AP kids seem to be doing more writing than literature analysis so I'm glad I'm doing IB English. Plus, doing IB at my school means you get all the good teachers so I know my teachers are experienced and they know
  9. I'm taking both History and Psych HL right now and psychology is probably the more interesting of the two for me. But my teacher is only in his second year of teaching IB psych so we don't really do much work. History is also quite interesting though! I think it's definitely more work than psych is but its worth it. I'll actually probably end up liking History more just because my history teacher is experienced and will prepare us well for the HL exams. If I were you, I'd try to find out which teacher is better and what you'd probably want to study in college to help you make your decision.
  10. Math: My math teacher is a good teacher as well, really thorough with her explaining and she does lots of examples in the notes so we understand the concept. Plus I have this class 0 period (starts at 6:45) and she's understanding about how sleepy and drowsy we are in class. English: My English teacher is quite strict, like she's really picky about stuff but she's a good teacher. I've only been in school for two weeks so we're mostly discussing our summer reading book, The Great Gatsby and she's very good about the discussion. She'll listen to everyone's ideas and not shoot you down if she thi
  11. I've had an hour for Math and Chem HL each day, so that's four hours plus an hour of History homework and an hour of English homework. So like six for two days? I still have to finish psych and do some history reading though.
  12. I just finished On the Beach by Nevil Shute. I'd seen the movie before and found it to be quite interesting so when I saw it at my library I decided to go for it. I'd definitely recommend the book to anyone looking for a good (but rather depressing) read.
  13. I got my macbook a little over a month ago and I adore it! I'd used PCs up until then so I was kind of worried about the switch and if it would be hard to figure stuff out but it's really easy. It only took me a little bit to get used to keys being placed different and the trackpad but once you get used to it, it's like second nature! I like how your mac comes built in with all sorts of nifty and useful apps, like Time Machine (for backing up files) and iCal. Mac OS X Lion is a real joy to use, everything's so sleek and I love all the multi-touch things you can do with your trackpad. I would r
  14. I only know Amy Tan from list one so I'm afraid I'm no help there. But from list two, there's loads of great authors to choose from. My personal recommendations: The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald: I'm actually doing this one right now for my summer reading assignment and there's load of stuff to analyze. A lot of the symbolism, themes, etc. are laid out not so subtly too so it should be easy to pick it out. Plus, it's a short read and you're probably going to read it at some point in the future anyway. The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger: Basically the same advice I gave for the Great Gatsby: lots
  15. Class of 2013 here as well! Three weeks until we start school and I'm terrified and excited at the same time. Still have to finish my IB summer reading assignment though.
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