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  1. Mathematics SL is surprisingly easy so far O.O Psychology is amazing, we have the best teacher EVER. English is interesting enough. Greek is kind of difficult to get a 7, but it's not that boring as a subject so I'll give it a go. Biology is pretty easy and highly interesting. Chemistry is kind of difficult, but still manageable. ToK is frustrating as HELL. Well, so far so good
  2. I´m bilingual, I can speak and read Greek and English both as my mother tongues. However, I speak 3 languages: the ones mentioned before and Spanish. I enjoy reading in either one language, however I find it more difficult to do so in Spanish, since I'm only at an intermediate level.
  3. Oooh your subjects sound cool! Especially modern greek OMG I would LOVE to take that. I'm too absolutely terrified of math SL and might drop down to math studies if it gets to be too much for me. Lets stick together, eh Well Greek is a piece of cake since I'm a native And yes, I am terrified of Maths SL as well but I need them to study Biology Ughhhhh
  4. Granted but they're all dry and unusable by now. I wish I could eat cereal right now.
  5. The books were okay, however it was difficult not to notice the mistakes the author would constantly make on Greek gods and goddesses. Having been taught Greek Mythology in school for 12 years and knowing the characteristics of gods and mortals and the kind of interaction they could have, the Percy Jackson series were just featuring a completely different version of them -which was, of course, false- and were building a whole story on errors. I would advise the author to actually know Greek Mythology before writing a whole series on it.
  6. I like aliens. And the color blue. So I put them together and ta-da!
  7. I took Psychology! I was considering taking it as a HL and then take Spanish B SL instead of Greek, but my friend who is in IB told me that it has a lot of things to memorize, and that HL is just torture O.O
  8. Aw well good for you In my school when I asked the IB supervisor if students could take 4 HL subjects he replied "We try to change their minds"
  9. Nope, you are not alone Wow 4 HL subjects? That must be tough
  10. ... Am I the only one taking Biology? Well, this will be fun
  11. 1. What is your real name? Despina 2. Where are you from? Born in Greece, lived around the globe until 2006. 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? A friend recommended it. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I thought I would need help sometime in the future on IB and this was the perfect place to get it. 5. When did you (approximately) register here? On the 4th of February, 2011. 6. What is your favourite IB subject? I guess it would be Biology. Don't know yet. 7. When are you graduating? June of 2013. 8. What are your plans for university? I'm aiming for the US, not sure on whic
  12. I´ve been to a program for international students and we´ve been told that if we´re in the IB in English we don´t have to take the TOEFL test.
  13. Big Yum! Crepes with strawberry.
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