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  1. I did the Soap Suds poem too. Actually really liked the poem, but I have no idea how I did. Had a good feeling when I left the exam room, though. I wrote about the olfactory, visual and tactile imagery, the use of onomatopoeia and listing of objects in the second stanza, where the rhythm of the poem slows down because the speaker is remembering joyful memories. I spoke about how the soap evoked memories of the past, something we as readers can relate to and how sometimes when we remember vivid recollections of our past we are disappointed because something has changed. I think there was a sign
  2. I have both English A literature and Norwegian A literature on higher level. Yes, they are absolutely 100% identical (if you take both as pure literature courses.) I don't see how this could be unfair at all, we study completely different books, and there is different grade boundaries. Of course, I will definitely agree that it is smoother to do two A courses than say chemistry and bio HL. However, doing two A Literature courses is basically the same as doing A1 and A2 in the old system, thus I definitely do not think people should consider it unfair. The workload is still heavy in the sense
  3. I am desperate for an advice for autograph... how do I instert outliers in my box and whisker plot?
  4. Jaymi, I found the article really interesting.. It is an eye-opener for all of us who believe everything that is put forward in this video. But when something like this happens and it gets this big, people will do everything they can to challenge it and criticize it!! This is inevitable.. Of course, we all know that there are hundreds of war criminals around the globe, and we know that not enough is being done to stop them. But to be honest, making a movie like this, is the ONLY way to make people further aware of it, it is the only way to actually get it out there. This movie appeals to every
  5. I speak Norwegian, English, Russian and Spanish. Love languages! Although none of them are languages I have ever learned, except for maybe spanish
  6. http://ibo.org/become/guidance/documents/MYPGeneralregulations_e_FINALFILE.pdf read this link, it gives you everything you need to know. If an assessment moderated by the IB is accused of plagiarism, they will not moderate it and tell your school to deal with the issue. So thankfully it is not as strict as it is in the DP program. Good luck!
  7. Yes, if the IB catches you with plagiarizing on something they are moderating such as world lit, extended essay etc, they will not let you get the diploma that year so you have to sit for the following exams. Happened to a student at my school, and he lost his diploma, apparently it was absolutely ridiculous and he should not have been accused for plagiarizing, the school even tried to convince the IB but there was nothing they could do.
  8. 91 downloads

    This is my reflective statement in English A: Literature on the stranger/the outsider by Albert Camus. In the new English A syllabus you are required to write a reflective statement based on an interactive oral to show your understanding of culture and the context. This is just to show you how to write this reflective statement, as it is a rather new thing in the IB and many might not have received the proper instructions from their teachers. Things to remember: Write in first person, very informal piece of writing Consider what you discussed during the interactive oral What have you learned a
  9. I definitely developed my writing through everything that was affecting me around me. Everything I saw. One day I tried to spell my name, and then suddenly I could write. Quite weird to be honest!
  10. You're welcome! Well a CAS project is the actual activity you are doing, such as soccer or Model United Nations. In my school we just call it CAS activity, while CAS hours means how many hours you have spent on a specific activity, and you should log this! As a small rule, you should aim to have around 150 - 200 CAS hours in total. However, CAS is something you either pass or fail, it's not like you get a better grade if you do many hours! Some projects might last for an entire year, meanwhile, other activities might only be a weekend or so.
  11. Your school should have informed you about this properly as it is a key component in order to attain your IB diploma and succeed in the program. CAS involves creativity, action and service. While you are doing your IB diploma, you also need to do CAS! Basically, this means that you have to do extra-curricular activities and it can involve many different aspects and activities. Your school should have some activities that you can choose. In my school we have soccer, gymnastics, MUN, Habitat for Humanity, students helpings students, cooking, creative writing, UNESCO, Ryan's well, yoga and many m
  12. Hmm. It is now called English A. But there are 3 different courses. English A: Language and literature(very similar to A2) English A: Literature and performance(Similar to A2) English A: Literature (pure study of literature and this is the old A1 model with a slightly altered syllabus.) Most schools will have the last one and if you can choose, I would advise you to choose Language A Literature (If it is your native language) because Universities wonder why you did not take Language A literature when/if you had the option. Hope that was helpful.
  13. I am also doing the new syllabus for English A1 literature. So far I a little bit confused because we are doing different things in English A and Norwegian A even though it is the same thing! In English, we have only read one book, "Wonderful fool" but we have also done some of the short stories in part 4. I have no idea what we will do later but I think my teacher knows and that we are going to do the orals in IB2. In Norwegian A however, which is exactly the same thing and same syllabus, we have finished 3 books and started with a fourth one. We have also done our individual oral presentatio
  14. Okey yeap that's what I thought. You see our teacher told us we would get a 0 if we do not answer everything in the question, but I think she was just trying to emphasize the importance of reading the question properly! Thanks!
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