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  1. I personally count it as creativity seeing as you are putting on plays and such. If you need the hours for service you could probably count it because you are volunteering your time (and not getting compensated through money, grades, bribess, etc) and doing something meaningfull for the comunity.
  2. So, our final CAS deadline is comming up fairly quickly and our IB cordinator keeps reminding us about our final CAS reflections that we have to write. I have a rough idea of what I want to do for mine but I would love to have some sort of example or outline or something to follow... I'm a little unsure if we are to reflect on each individual CAS project, or our CAS experiance as a whole. I can't find any examples of final reflection online so I was wondering if this is something specific to our school or if everyone writes them? assumin geveryone does have to do reflections, are there specifi
  3. I know I shouldn't use informal obviously but is it okay to use a slightly less than formal register? For example I want to explain something directly to the reader, I am not using "you" or "i" or anything like that but it still feels like a step down from a purely objective expository sort of paper. Is this okay? Also, not sure if it matters but my EE is in microbiology and I am doing it in the style of a massive,very in depth lab write up. Thanks!!
  4. When creating the TOK speech is it necessary to choose a side and argue for it or can the presentation be left open ended? I am doing my presentation on Artificial Intelligence and whether or not robots can actually "understand", I have evidence for both sides but I don't really want to pick one because I feel like that would be imposing my opinion on the class, I would much rather leave it open to debate afterwords. For this particular assignment is it better to pick a side and argue for it, debate both and come to a conclusion at the end, or leave it up to the interpretation of the listener
  5. So right now I am in Visual Arts HL Y2. Last year our teacher had us do about 7 "guided" assignments where he gave us a general topic or source of inspiration, the medium we were required to work with and occasionally the style it was to be done in (impressionism, surrealism etc). This year we are finally allowed to develop a concentration and begin work on it. I know that total I will need 12-18 pieces (paintings in my case) but I am unclear if they all need to be a part of my concentration or if I am supposed to use the guided assignments as well? I feel like the guided assignments I have do
  6. I am writing the key passage option, 2c i think? Anyway i'm really unclear about the assingment, do i need to: -relate the passage to the rest of the book in terms of what makes that passage key Or -relate the passage to the rest of the book examining why what happened happened Or maybe something entirly diffrent? Please help, also any examples wwild be amazing Thank you!!!!!
  7. Honestly, if you are super stressed about something just take a break for a bit. Not for too long obviously but mayybe a half hour to just get up and walk around, go outside, go for a run (excersize is quite good for stress btw), read a book, basicaly do anything that you dont consider work. Then once you are feeling a little bit better just sit down and work, maybe put on some music if it wont distract you, i'm sure you know howyou work best. I would recomend starting with a few little things first, it may seem a bit backwards but if you can get a few little things done real fast it will fee
  8. So this year we have a block schedual with eight credits, we have four classes a day and they change out every other day. Next year they are going to switch to seven classes a day every day, this means for us full diploma kids we will only have a half a credit for "normal" classes and the kids in music wont have any. I personaly am super worried about the home work load of seven IB classes a day. Does anyone have this sort of schedual at their school already? How does it work out with IB?
  9. I have chosen to do my WL2 assingment with the option where you can compare or anylize two key passages but our teacher hasnt given us any examples for this, she has given us examples for the others, the creative peice and the single passage anaylisis but not this one. Does anyone happen to know where i could find an example for this one? Also, if anyone has a moment, i am doing my paper on kite runner and i am using the passage where baba stands up to the russians and the passage where amir saves sohrab from aseff. My point will be to examine how amir has become like baba and how he remans df
  10. I am is SL so I only had to do one option We studied Human Relations and just about everyone in our class chose the altruism one.
  11. We have covered all the LOAs but we only started our option "human relationships" like four or five classes ago and have barely had time to do anything. I have tried finding study guides and stuff for it but have only found stuff on the three main levels. Any suggestions?
  12. I just took the SAT for the first time and these were my scores: Critical Reading 740 98% Math 660 87% Writing 700 96% Multiple Choice 65 (score range: 20-80) Essay 11 (score range: 2-12) I'm pretty happy with my reading and writing scores but not so happy with math, I know I could get into a lot of schools with these but what I really want to do is to attend a science oriented school and I think my math score will really hurt my chances of getting in. I didn't study or really do any prep for this and I'm thinking that could have had an effect... Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Granted but now you cant get people to leave you alone. I wish it was summer already
  14. Just a warning: Some schools will let you drop your courses if they prove to difficult but in our school (and I would expect others) if you sign up for an IB or AP class you are required to complete it and short of transferring schools there is almost no way to drop the course. I would check on this before you make your decision
  15. I've never heard of it before, is it an actual documented syndrome or just something you made up?
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