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  1. Thanks! Yep, I will arrive in New Zealand 21th of February.
  2. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit naive. Anyhow, I got answer from them a week ago, and was accepted at engineering at Auckland. Hence I'm in and happy. But thanks anyway.
  3. Good to hear. I haven't got an answer yet , but it shouldn't take much longer. Last time I wrote I didn't have access to Ndeva, but I got it by sending them an e-mail. I think it's better to send them an mail asking for the status of the application. (I did 2 weeks ago, but it wasn't finished). I get the same information, and it doesn't cost me 20 dollar, but do they know anything more than I do from Ndeva?
  4. Good. I will apply for Canterbury and maybe Massey then. Yep, I'm a typical Norwegian, a bit short though. I sent in the necessary forms 1th of October. I finished the application much earlier though. Hence I don't think they have processed my application yet. Also, what should I ask them. "hello, my name is ... are you done with my application?"
  5. Thanks, that was really helpful. It's hard to get good information. University of Otago doesn't have engineering, hence that is not an option. University of Canterbury have engineering, however, I have heard that there is a lot of racism in Christchurch. Edit: I found software engineering hidden away under applied science, but I rather want civil or mechanical engineering. That's why I don't really want to choose Wellington, because it's not the profession I want. PS: I have already applied for engineering at University of Auckland. They are just slow to respond.
  6. The workload in university was actually larger in university than IB. However, it is still much easier because the exams are easier. While math HL in IB made the questions really tricky, if you know the material, you will at least get a B in the exam at Norwegian universities. Even though I have no motivation to work now, because my grades doesn't even matter, and I have a lot of other stuff to do (I'm going to New Zealand)I still do fairly well. However, I think the pressure depends on what kind of university you attend. There is a difference from attending Cambridge, Manchester, or a Norweg
  7. Hey forum! I'm a Norwegian who have attended IB and ended up with 34 points. I decided to apply for engineering at New Zealand universities, and I'm already accepted at Auckland University of Technology and Victoria University of Wellington. What is my chance for getting into University of Auckland with 66 in physics and mathematics HL? Also, what is the reputation for Auckland University of Technology compared to University of Auckland. I have read that many graduates find a job, but I'm still unsure, especially since their website is terrible. Thanks.
  8. I showed that it was not true for x=561, using Little Theorem of Fermat. Everybody was expecting it to be true, but it's not. As I'm the only further maths student at my school I think I'm the only one who got that.
  9. Yeah, but shouldn't I at least tell how to do it generally, or could I just write. To prove that Q=p(k 1))- p(k) is not divisible by x, use proof by contridiction and assume that evey term of Q is divisible and then end up with a contridiction. I didn't really use induction for 3 either, I just proved it and found a way to make it a proof with induction.
  10. Do any of you know how to prove the converse? I'm able to prove 3, but the converse is much harder.
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