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  1. I wrote my EE in Polish A1 and got an A.
  2. I also think that IB is extremely mean - they ask you to calculate the angle in the triangle, given the two other angles. You're like: omg, this paper is gonna be sweet...! And then it only gets worse....
  3. Yayyyy, finally someone answerwed! I also wrote 2 entries and I ALSO think that most of it is completely off-topic bull**** But we'll see. I think that we have exactly the same feelings about this exams. I also had troubles with the T/F questions, I knew the answerw but didn't know how to justify it. Let's hope for the best.
  4. Who took these exams? I found the texts in P1 quite easy, the Facebook one was kinda hard, but Text C was surprisingly easy! But the questions were tricky, they are always so vague and not straight-forward, I need to think what they wanted. P2 was okay, I wrote das Tagebuch. How did you find it?
  5. I think that this paper was extremely hard. It was too little time and the questions were untypical for me. I didn't do well. At least paper 1 was easy so let's hope that it will balance...
  6. A funny topic So in Poland there's a tradition that you wear white shirt and black/dark blue skirt or trousers for your finals. As for lucky charms I have a small frog figure that always brings me luck and yesterday our IB coordinator gave us litttle lucky 'stones'. It was so sweet of her.
  7. Hey there My first exam is on Wednesday and I'm freaking out about the smallest things, possibly to distract myself from the REAL stress. Does anyone know if we have to write in blue or black ink in the exam? Are coloured pencils/highliters permitted? They would be useful on some exams like language A1 or A2 Paper1. If anyone knows please answer.
  8. http://handbooks.ibo...art=7&chapter=2 You may want to take a look at this link, it is for May/Novemeber 2011 but I guess the dates didn't change so the EEs shuold arrive to the examiner at latest at 15 March 2012
  9. Hey I'm completing the rationale form for my written task and I'm confused in the audience part. My written task is a diary of a fictional character, should I therfore state "himself" as the audience? Thanks for all answers in advance
  10. I would say calculus, more specifically the part dealing with trigonometric and exponential functions. Trigonometry itself is quite hard too.
  11. I'm gonna to analyze the impact of dramatic (I don't really know if it's the word in english, sorry ) behaviour on the marriage in Doll's House and Madame Bovary. The quote from the song would be sth like "She talked like she played in a movie". God, it's so hard to translate things! (My A1 Language is Polish). May use it as a personal example to my TOK essay
  12. Hey I'm adding some final touches to my WL 1 and want to revise my topic a little bit. I mean, I will not change it but only alter it. I tried to start my esay with a quote but it didn't reflect what I'm writing about. However, I recently came up with a quote that suits my essay topic perfectly. The only problem is that it comes from a song. Is it okay? How should I cite it? Thanks for help in advance.
  13. I'm taking English A2 and we did "A Separate Peace". Our teacher always mentioned that it usually goes together with "Catcher in the Rye" as they are about so called rite of passage, growing up and so on. Hope that helps
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