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  1. Tiffany: #1: Tiffany's are usually very loyal and intellegant people whom usually doesn't trust many guys. She usually has many acquintances, but very few best friends. They are always opened minded and always have to be entertained or be having a good time. Most of time Tiffany's stay single and flirt around. #2 Tiffany is greek meaning the appearance of God. (i liked this one! )
  2. hey there! i have officially decided to take the Lord of the Rings part 1 for my extended essay. but i really want to compare this book with harry potter and the half blood prince. i was thinking of comparing the theme of power and corruption or death and immortality. i kind of know that the extended essay is a VERY detailed study of a particular theme but, would one of these themes be good enough to write a whole extended essay on? and if no then could you please suggest more themes in these books? also, majority of the people write their extended essay on sophistcated books and topics, so w
  3. well mine is tiffly101 my names tiffany and people call me tiffly because its cute and according to them im kinda cute as well soo.. and 101 because i like those numbers together! by the way according to urbandictionary.com, tiffany means appearence of God! ;P
  4. i had a hot dog with chili!!! GOOD STUFF!!!
  5. yeah I know you guys don't come up with everything for ME because it's my EE! so that's a very good idea!! thank you!! but could you suggest a book that is closely related to LOTR? would harry potter be considered for an IB EE??
  6. most likely group 1 I am going to take lord of the rings as my book (just the first part!! )
  7. well i think that after the BIG solar thingy we wouldn't even be able to go outside because of harmful UV radiations! and plus.... the earth is gonna BURN till death sooo theres no point in excercising!!! anyways... I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO SURVIVE WITHOUT TECHNOLOGY! without it the human race will DIE die i tell you!!!! sooo i LOVE technology and absolutely can not live without it!!!
  8. well i wouldnt suggests those book either!! as any teenage girl.... we LOVE twilight!!! even i couldnt think of anything but harry potter and twilight! but when i asked my teacher she said it was PULP FICTION! and that it is not worthy for being called LITERATURE! so if you do like all of the cool magical fantasy stuff you could try out Lord of the rings by JRR Tolkien!! i'm doing mine on one of the LOTR books because nothing else really interested me!!! welp hope that helped you!
  9. the White Castle by Orhan Pamuk!!! it was sooo boring!!! i stopped reading it from the third chapter!! n ive only done that thrice in my life!!
  10. YES!!! sadly every IBer is NUTS!!!!! i am serious!!!! n yea we have a sense of humor that only IB junkies actually get!!! its kinda weird!!!! but thats what happens when we overload our BRAIN with EVERYTHING!!!!!!! and i mean everything!!!!! so yes... we are strange people but sorta smart!!!!!
  11. just ignite the light.. and let it shine, just in the night like the fourth of july, cuz baby your a firework come and let your colors burst make em go awh awh awh as you shoot across the sky sky sky!!!! - Katy Perry SO inspiring!!!!
  12. its the same in my school!!! my strongest subject is biology!!! and i am GOOD at it!! but they banned us from all of the sciences as well as mathematics!!!! i have no idea!!! and now i am stuck with ENGLISH!!!
  13. welp... i know for sure now that sidney sheldon books cant be taken because they are considered as pulp fiction!!! not real literature!! so i have decided to do it on LOTR (just one book tho) !!! but thatnks for the reply!!!
  14. THANK U SOOO MUCH!!!! yea i will try just taking one of the three books of lotr!!! your advice did help!!! i appreciate it!!!
  15. i know that all of the University of California campuses give one year credit and stanford gives pre admissions!!!!
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