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  1. Oh.... now I can't use the Milgram experiment too? :/ I guess it does make sense because it surely has more to do with obedience than it has with conformity. However I still think the Milgram obedience experiments will suit the SLA question on the roles of dispositional/situational factors as an experimental illustration of a situational factor. Thanks for your help!
  2. - is it okay? My teacher said we should not use the Zimbaro Stanford Prison Experiment for the question in SLA that asks for an evaluation on social identity theory. He said there are too many factors involved in the Zimbardo experiment. However, I find the experiment very intriguing and easy to memorise/ very applicable to a lot of other questions. So do you recommend that I still use the Zimbardo experiment for some questions in the SLA, particularly to demonstrate one of the principles in SLA, to illustrate situational factors, and to be an example for one of the research methods (experim
  3. Thanks, I have rethought about my topic and I have decided to work on "Technology and Individualism" "What role, if any, does 21st century computer technology play on our _________ ?" will be my new knowledge issue For the blank, I havent been able to distinguish between types of knowledge; what should I fill in if i am trying to say "worldviews and morals"? BTW, can I provide more than one real life situation? Or should I stick with one 'big' one that I will talk about in detail and just mention other examples briefly thanks
  4. Arrgghh! I am STUCK! god why is it so hard to think of a good knowledge issue Can someone help? the general idea is to discuss the impact of science and technology on our lives (in a metaphysical way: how they affect our thinking, morals). And should I attempt to justify if there is a negative impact of it? would it be too much to say in a 10 minute presentation? Any help is appreciated. thanks
  5. Thank you very much! I have been sleeping in ToK lessons (aiya dumb dumb me!) and I have no idea how to insert suitable ToK terms.... What do you think about something like this: 'To what extent is reason and emotion vulnerable to inductive reasoning?'
  6. Well normally my 'introduction' just consists of the different variables, this isn't as easy as it sounds because most people get caught out on the control variables when they forget to add the simplest of controls eg. time or temp. Or alternitively they try to over complicate things and make the controls absolutely impracticle eg. conduct the entire experiment in a water bath when they could simply stated that 'the experiment will be conducted at room temperature'. For some reason all the bio people in my class like to write a little introduction in the begining explaining what a catalyst is
  7. Keel: thanks a lot! Yes, the design part s such a hassle; I have tried my best to produce 'for dummies' kind of write up... but my teacher always finds my blunders... Do I also need to explain to an idiot in my introduction part? (edit: wasnt speaking english lol)
  8. I am having my TOK presentation in less than a week, on the topic 'Humanity v. Technology: Crisis of Identity and Values in Todayʼs Technological World' To what extent is scientific reasoning justifiably influencing our value judgements and perception of knowledge about social behaviours? The rationale is that along the rapid scientific discoveries and development of technology, we humans are changing our thinking New weapons are developed; casualties in war have never been as great. Theories about how the way human exploit the resources and the wasteful lifestyle accelerate the eradication o
  9. I have spent my first semester in IB, done a couple of labs, but I haven't figured the perfect formula to get high marks in labs. My best two DCP labs scored 6 and 5, and two 5s for my CE labs. I did one design lab recently and I got a three. I have read the requirements and the mark scheme, but there is always something to pick on in my labs. I have talked to my teacher , but ugh, I am still confused. I really want those 6s... How to improve? Any help is appreciated BTW, what do you guys write for the evaluation of a lab? Sometimes I couldn't find any possible improvements in the lab.
  10. For people who arent asked to pick your own theme, I dont think it hurts to try working on a project of your own; so if you are interested in certain topic, you should really take some time to research on it. It might turn out to be brilliant! that is really an interesting theme! love the originality have you touched on latte art?
  11. Thats why we should always keep a copy of our workbook pages (scan it once in a while)... I feel sorry about you losing your hard work, it is of course a painful experience Hope Julie's suggestion would be of a help and everything turns out just fine
  12. I do! I would really love a cup of longjing tea NP has IB exams in 2012
  13. no he just said that we can do anything that interests us so, what interests you? at least what area of physics?
  14. Really, I think different teachers have different opinions on this, so the best way to score high in your IAs is to talk to your own teachers and ask them for help. I agree, 0.5s would be more like it. But since we (at least I) have to justify our errors and uncertainties in our IAs, so I think its alright when you can provide reasons.
  15. 3... its actually #3 that is a lie lol alright 1.my favourite composer is chopin 2.I sleep very early everyday because i have a relaxing and undemanding ib life 3.I play the didgeridoo
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