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  1. what do you think will be the mark boundary for a 7? i think it might go up...considering the papers were relatively easy
  2. How is everyone doing with their revision? and how are you revising for your subjects?
  3. This seems more IA level to me. As it is an extended essay, you should consider something a bit more advanced with a real world application (e.g. to an environment) yet not something that is overly complicated. I suggest that you do a bit more research into topics that you are interested in as you're going to be working on your essay for a while (so you can connect with your topic and you're markers can see that you have a lot of knowledge about the topic). I would also suggest looking into current problems in society which are related to biology and something that is not overly researched. Re
  4. I would stay away from those kinds of topics, as this involves carrying out an experiment and collecting data for a biology EE. I would suggest picking a topic that has a big application/ real relevance e.g. to an environment. However you have to be aware that this is an extended essay, so the investigation you're carrying out shouldn't be as simple as the standard IA's you do, like testing the effects of sunlight on a certain plant. On the other hand, the method should not be overly complicated either I'd suggest thinking of an area that you're interested in investigating such as microbiolog
  5. Your main focus could be either: a factor which affects one of these bacterium OR controlling a variable (e.g. a certain temperature) and comparing the growth between the different bacteria. A factor could be either: temperature light cleaning products moisture You could investigate this with an agar plate or measuring the inhibition zone (if you are testing a factor like cleaning products)
  6. authority? i don't think this is a way of knowing first, i think you need to come up with a few knowledge issues in your topic and knowledge claims ...then come up with some counter claims...and then you can start to add in some real-life examples. You may also need to make your stance clear. e.g. if you are against arranged marriages then a bias towards this is that some love-based marriages don't work out either - also you havent experienced marriage yet so you don't know whether the cause of marriage problems are because it is arranged. Would it be any different if it was a love marriage?
  7. You seem like you've done everything properly! I don't think you need to worry too much about your references. You seem to have a good range of them (books, journals, documents etc). And websites are too untrustworthy! If i'm not mistaken, there was something about this in the EE guide, that students should be aware of the reliability of websites. I didn't use any in my EE as well. It looks like you're very knowledgeable about your topic and you've provided enough supporting and refuting evidence. As long as you've done a lot of evaluating rather than describing in your essay. Then you're on t
  8. For orals: http://text-to-speech.imtranslator.net/ French: http://www.verb2verbe.com *nothing big* just some random ones i used when I did french Feel free to share some more!
  9. I don't have much knowledge for this subject but in my opinion, you should start your research question with something like 'to what extent' rather than 'what'. This opens your ee to a more evaluative rather than descriptive essay. Using 'what' lends your essay to be just answering the research question and doesnt necessarily show independence in your thinking or your evaluative skills. So i think out of three, you're first research question is better. Good Luck!
  10. Do alot of practice exams and write a lot of paper 2 responses. Challenge yourself and do some HL papers~ You'll find that when you go back to do SL papers, it's alot easier~ You can build your vocabulary and grammar by reading the french news online: http://www.lemonde.fr/ http://www.lefigaro.fr/ Be familiar with the styles of writing in paper 2, and use expressions to suit it. For example: Lettre official: Beginning with: Je me permets de vous écrire car je suis inquiète pour certaines choses. Ending With: Je vous prie d’agréer Monsieur/Madame, l’expression de mes sentiments distingués.
  11. I'm not too sure if you're allowed to bring scripts in. I guess it depends on how nice your teacher is. My teacher let us bring in dot points only. The interactive should be about 10-15 minutes long. What i did was put just the beginning of each sentence for each dot point, this helped me to remember what i was going to say. However, try not to use your scripts too much, otherwise it sounds overly prepared. The teacher may be more impressed if you can do it on the spot~ ;D it shows that you do know the language well~ Good luck!
  12. Has everyone started studying for november exams? T___T im starting to feel the pressure~~ but i just cant get myself motivated T.T
  13. How many studies should i include in my psychology EE? and should i evaluate all of them?
  14. I like your topic! ^^ I think it would be ok to call it the latent abilities hypothesis, but you could also just use the psychologists' names (Treffert and Snyder's Hypothesis) I'm not too sure about using 'normal' but you can always use the word in your essay, defining what you mean by it in the beginning of your essay and in your evaluation just write about the limitations in defining what is normal. I don't think yours would be biology based...it could just be that your topic falls partly under the biological perspective as well. I used a study which dealt with brain structures as well (as
  15. What do you think is the hardest criterion to score well in?
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