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  1. You don't seem to understand the intellectual dishonesty one must have to refute a lot of these points, and would rather lean on the slight possibility that all this may have happened. Number 4 relates to the fact that you can't go from a methane and other gases filled planet to suddenly developing an complex organism with cells. Also, i'm tired of this discussion and won't be able to provide as much insight as others can. So i'll just recommend you to Cliffe Knechtle [givemeananswer.com] you can youtube his stuff he has a lot on the bible and God.
  2. The main difference being that there IS evidence for evolution (very strong evidence) and marginally less complete and therefore less strong evidence for the big bang. I don't know enough about physics to feel that I could say I reckon the big bang occurred, myself. The evidence for a god is a load of codswallop. It is incomprehensible to me why the presence of love and free will (or any of those other things) indicate a god. All they indicate is the presence of love and free will. I mean, the plastic bag in the middle of the road doesn't provide me with evidence that there are deep sea fish.
  3. He explains it better than I do.
  4. Going to have to disagree with this statement quite strongly. It's daft to say that something with evidence to support it takes the same leap of faith as something with absolutely no evidence to support or suggest it whatsoever. Care to explain? Well I'd have to ask you. Do you believe in the Big Bang Theory? If so why? What evidence is there to support it? Do you believe in Evolution? Same questions as above. You believe in these theories because "Scientists" have told you such, and maybe you've done some research behind these topics; but you cannot prove any of these things, you are not ab
  5. Yes yes yes! Really fun "pick up and read" series
  6. People who don't believe in God because there's not enough evidence or whatnot, also can't believe in science and the origin of the world. Both take the same leaps in faith.
  7. If you've watched Limitless, you know to keep your hopes up and look to the black market
  8. Spanish football is the most entertaining league to watch imo.
  9. They didn't go down because he left, they went down because their coach is useless
  10. I pull all-nighters pretty much once a week ^^
  11. I take HL Math, and am still able to have a Social Life and do well in school... granted i'm also a fast worker.
  12. The best thing you can possibly do is get your teacher to like you a lot. Persuasion becomes much easier after that..
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