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  1. Well, I also got 12 at the Circus thingy question. But hey, it's over, you gotta get over it. I know I did a fatal mistake in psychology but nothing will get better if you feel bad.... Your Essay(s) are in the hand of IBO now and you can only wait... It's better to spend these days happy than going around worrying about something you have no control of And that's probably just 1 point, no big deal! Continue on!
  2. Paper 2 was a bit like I thought it would be.... Much to do in short time.... You basically have to go through the paper with NO mistakes, no questions and just do everything. If you slow down on anything you wont have any time... I know I switched between 3,4,5.... So I was returning to the last question of question 3, and I really know I could have solved it but I had basically 2 minutes to think of how to do it, and I got so stressed that I couldn't think so I just guessed an angle (It was the angle question)... I just took 47 Degree... Haha! Hopefully it's correct but I guess not... It's l
  3. I felt all the questions were horrible. My whole class agreed. Guess our school didn't focus on any of the topics, we did touch some of them, but we did not go into the deeper levels of them....
  4. I'm in TZ2 My whole class thought the questions were horrible... None of the questions were really ideal for us as we hadn't focused on ANYTHING on the paper :/ I ended up taking Question 10, 11 and 19... 10 Was about Russo-Japanese War and how it affected the Reign under Nicholaos II up until 1914.... My school had mentioned it in order for us to get a clear grip of the February/October Revolutions but we had not gone deeper into the subject etc. No statistics or anything. 11. Was about how the alliance system affected the "European affairs" between 1871-1914. I pretty much talked only about
  5. Awh, but that's a CASIO Guide, isnt it Oo? Because mine does not look like that And I Found out how to do it now! For everybody with a TExas instrument having the same issue as me Do the same as everybody say Stat:Edit Stat->CALC-1 var statistics Then, dont click enter, because before you click enter, you will need to decide the calculator to look ad L1 and L2.... So you fill in [2nd]L1,[2nd]L2 The "," sign is important! IF you do not fill it in there will be a Syntax Error! Hope this will do it I used this guide http://www.cpm.org/pdfs/standards/stats/Stats_Appendix_TI_Calc.pdf pg. 32
  6. I don't remember if I had TZ0 or TZ2 but Paper 1 was about the Ruhr invasion... I thought the Paper 2 Questions were decent.... Could have been better but could also been waaaay worse like *cough* a certain other paper in which there is a possibility of not being allowed to talk about it yet. But you cannot blame me, I don't know which paper.
  7. Yeah! Thank you all guys for being so helpful! I'm really grateful. It seems for me that I will use only one list as it appears to be working unlike two lists.... It may cost me 1-2 minutes extra typing in all those numbers, but perhaps those minutes will be worth it! We shall see! I wish you all good luck tomorrow for Exams! It's soon over! Thanks!
  8. Was pretty much what maereth said :/ Just so you know... I get the same result from 1 - Var - Stat and 2 - Var - Stat.... Don't know if that is any of help in tracking the problem.
  9. Hi! Thank you for your detailed description, but I'm using a TI-84 >_> Anyone with a TI-84 minding to show how to do it?
  10. Yeah... That seems to be the only option for me as the other one doesn't seem to work... but Idk.... I will check with my classmates tomorrow morning if they know anything... @Lilianna, what do you mean ? Also, it should be degree, right? (Not Radians)
  11. Ashashdha! I think I god it! I will write this for any future students who might be in the same place as me The Idea was not to write it like this: L1 L2 25 30 55 46 65 22 75 12 85 8 95 2 But to only use L1 And simply write the frequency inside it, like L1 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 25 (Continue with this untill you got thirty 25) Then, you continue with writing fourtysix 55s 55 55 55 55 55 etc.. etc. Switch to 65s, where it was 22 65s, then you write 22 65s 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 Then when you are done, use 1 Var Statistics etc... Hope this is correct! Never got to learn
  12. Uh... Yeah. .. But I tried with a second TI-84 Plus and I get the same value of both of them.... So It's probably me who are doing something wrong and not the calculator
  13. I have checked multiple times over and over again and it's the same... Lets See if Im doing this right... First I click Stat, Enter to Edit the L1 and L2 In the way above Then I click Stat again, go to CALC, click 1 var Statistics Edit: Perhaps it is my calculator checking L2 and L3 or something? But I dont have anything in L3 or so only L1 and L2..
  14. Ah, Thanks! Edit: but it doesn't seem to work. I'm doing the exam from Nov 2011 question 1bii.... And the answer is incorrect when doign so... I might be doing something wrong but my L1 L2 25 30 55 46 65 22 75 12 85 8 95 2 My Answer becomes Standard Deviation is 24.83 or 22.67 depending on which one of them you were looking at... The alpha one was 22.7... But answer says 19.2
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