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  1. me too, we did electric currents at the start of last year so I totally blanked on drawing the circuit. all I knew was that the ammeter had to be in series and the voltmeter had to be in parallel, but I didn't know whether the filament thing went at the top or bottom of the potential divider. later I looked it up and what I'd drawn was totally wrong but at least the calculations for that question were easy.
  2. same I was tossing up between desert and ocean.. in the end I think I stuck with ocean. Thank God because it was correct! and the question about the unit for energy density - charity marks! I'm beginning to think I would've done a better job if I'd done question B2, because it had SHM in it. but I avoided it because it was combined with chapter 8. I think everyone in my class tries to stay as far away as possible from chapter 8!
  3. you sure? I thought that moving charges produce a magnetic field so it had to be either into the plane of the paper or out of it
  4. ah lol yeah but multiple choice is always like that, there's always two that are clearly wrong. how about that one on chapter 6 - with the two current carrying wires and it was asking you which direction the field would be. I've never understood the whole "out of/into the plane of the page" thing so I just guessed that one.
  5. Paper 1 questions were either really easy or really hard - nothing in between. for that puck question I put 50 m but then I thought that it can't be that easy so I changed it to 25, LIKE AN IDIOT. *facepalm* For the impulse question with the force-time graph, did you guys get 7 as an answer? The SHM questions and the ones about chapter 7 were ridiculously easy. I think I got a really small mass of deuterium too. I can't quite remember. but it makes sense that it would be small coz fusion produces a lot of energy right? oh and what were the disadvantages of fusion? I could only think of one: ex
  6. same, my whole class did the mechanics question. Paper 2 was okay, but I never know how I went with physics. did anyone notice how it was so much explanation and hardly any calculation?
  7. If you got a split question like that it should be because those are the two dot points that appear in the syllabus But it's not... the syllabus point says: Evaluate techniques for skill development in sport. ah whatever, I guess the evaluate command term kinda covers it all.
  8. awesome! what about that damned energetics question? what was the entropy? I thought it was becoming more ordered so delta S would be negative, but when I calculated it it was a really small positive number we were supposed to rearrange the ∆G = ∆H - T∆S equation right? did anyone manage to get the temperature part?
  9. I liked the acids & bases question! did people get like 10.7 or something for the pH of the bleach? I did the Medicines and Drugs & Food Chem options, they were pretty good but I realized later that I made some stupid mistakes
  10. oh and did you guys get n=20 for the sequences and series one?
  11. most of section B was charity marks LOL! I expected the last question to be difficult because that's how it is in past papers but it was so easy. section A was more difficult, but I managed most of it. that medicine question screwed me up because I didn't put brackets in my calculator, so my function kept increasing. I knew there was something wrong but I couldn't figure out what it was *facepalm* I also messed up on that transformations thing - it was a big mistake not revising transformations of functions how did you guys do that question? the function was 2t^2 - 7 stretched by a scale fact
  12. I did abnormal and sport psych. For abnormal I knew there had to be at least one question on diagnosis, so that's all I studied. Luckily the question was about evaluating research, so I just used all the studies I knew and evaluated them. The sport psych question I did was strange, it said outline techniques for skill development in sport and then discuss the techniques you have outlined. But if you're going to discuss them then wouldn't you need to outline them anyway? I don't understand why they split the question like that.
  13. Chem paper 1 was horrible... paper 2 was slightly better. The data-analysis question was terrible though. Did anyone find their answers were very small numbers? like to the power of -7 and etc? Also, what was the reason that sodium had to be removed from the reaction? I had no clue for that one. For section B I did the bonding/periodicity one and the redox. The funny thing was that I spent half the year saying how much I hated redox, but I ended up answering the redox question on the exam. It was fairly simple, just voltaic cells and electroplating! I expected electrolytic and electrolysis of
  14. I recently did my trial exams for chemistry paper 3 and found that a lot of the questions ask stuff like: - state TWO reasons for (...) - state ONE advantage and one disadvantage of (...) so I was wondering if you state more reasons than what they ask for, but one of your reasons are wrong, would you still get the full marks? for eg. if the question was worth 2 marks and I gave 3 reasons, 2 were right and one was wrong, would I still get 2 marks for having 2 correct answers or would I be penalized for having one wrong answer?
  15. hey guys, I'm finishing off my IA for physics which involved a metal slinky spring. the dependent variable was the time period, but I just need to know the mass of the slinky for my controlled variables. I would've measured it in the lab but I have no time, my IA is due tomorrow. has anybody done a prac using a slinky before and measured its mass? it's the standard slinky and looks like this: http://www.profbunsen.com.au/shop/item/slinky-spring---wave-modeler thanks!
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