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  1. Don't even think about it. Let me tell u it's easier for universities and you if you take it. When you look at a prospectus, you don't see a slot for ap results. They have to then consider it a bit more. And when applying to universities like through ucas, you have to get predictions. Besides, I think IB is a good program even though cas and tok suck. AND DON'T DO CERTIFICATE EITHER. That will also make universities squirm about your grades.
  2. If i were you, me being in my last year, same as you, i would not drop it. You could not have come all this way for NOTHING> because if you drop it, lets just say it will be VERY hard for you to get into university like A Level of full IB do. I would ride out the storm and see the diploma until the end. ...besides, Bio SL is easy, and SL Math is doable. Im an HL Bio student and i got a predict of 5 as you can see below, although i was ****ing up. SL Math on the other hand IS NOT WORTH DROPPING. If you drop it, certificate or no, you will not be able to apply to most universities for anythi
  3. University of Birmingham for Computer Science. God knows that if i do not get the predicts of 34, i will burn my school down.
  4. Yeah I'm also applying to Birmingham for Computer Science, although my previous prediction ffrom last month was 28 and i dont know how far it will rise. I hope it gets to 34. I've got other unis on my list, but Birmingham is my top choice. Good Luck to you to!
  5. Hi, i was just wondering who else is taking their exams this may and applying to the unversity of birmingham. And if you are, what course are you applying for?
  6. Yes yes, oh god yes. I come from Nigeria. Opportunity is not spelled the same way here as it is in the UK.
  7. Nigerian. Born and Bred there. I wish i had dual nationalities.
  8. The American School in England (TASIS England) UK
  9. It is not worth telling because. THink of it like this. IB is a struggle. At the end of the day its not some american system GPA thing that univeersities are looking at. The minute anything is found out the person is finished. As you take that exam, your life rides on it. if you can do something without getting caught, fine. No teacher wants a student to fail. But if someone calls you out, then you are finished. I mean if you cheat all the time during school and its ok. But on an exam its not. But if you can do it well enoguh that you wont get caught your in the clear. I don't advise cheating
  10. Basically that. And im hoping im not the only one who feels screwed that he starts school in two weeks.
  11. That would be 1.City University of London 2.University of Greenwich London 3.University of Westminster And then I'm not sure but 4.Imperial College London 5.University of East/West London I'm applying for Video Game developement and software engineering.
  12. im going insane. Is it actually fair to have this much work? sometimes i just wonder why i picked IB in the first place.
  13. 1. What is your real name? My Real Name is Farouk Oyofo 2. Where are you from? I am from Nigeria 3. How did you find out about IB Survival? I was looking for help on a math portfolio on stellar numbers and this site came up. 4. What made you register on IB Survival? I thought it would be useful to me if i joined the site. Especially as i can get help from alot of people in the same situation as me 5. When did you (approximately) register here? 30 - 1 - 11 6. What is your favourite IB subject? IB Biology HL 7. When are you graduating? Ju
  14. University of Westminster UK or City University of London.
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