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  1. If a person is a liar and he says that he is a liar, is he in fact telling the truth?
  2. Your IB grade only takes into account your Exam and your internal assessments. so your external assessment, your exam is actually 80% and your IA's are 20% http://www.education.umd.edu/MathEd/conference/vbook/math.sl.08.pdf look at the last pages. and i would advise to pay attention in class, fooling around will not help with the exam. and make sure u do your IA's well because my STUPID teacher said not to worry about it, and i ended up getting a 6 in math SL when i should have gotten a 7, all because of the IA's he never told us how to format it, and i lost a point! lol, good luck
  3. if you are in the IB program, by the end of ur 1st year you will realize reading an HL book for an SL class is a mistake. having so much on your hands, you dont want more work. my school gave us the http://books.google.com/books/about/Biology_for_the_IB_Diploma.html?id=lRLaPAAACAAJ biology book in the link. its pretty good, and explains well for an SL level. It gives the necessary info without the extra fluff. i would recommend buying a better SL book rather than an HL book. i understand about wanting to major in Bio. i felt the same about math, and my school only offer SL math, but i ended up
  4. I am in the process of writing my IA for Physics as well. You can really do anything at all. You can do a simple the effect of blank on blank. The effect of the height at which a ball is dropped and its final velocity. The effect of the height at which a feather is dropped and the time it takes to reach the floor. Simple stuff. IB doesnt expect you to do a crazy experiment.
  5. Really? i was under the impression that just getting an E on the EE would fail you from getting the diploma, so the TOK grade is considered too? That helps thanks!!! Thanks to everyone!
  6. Hey, I was wondering if it is very common for poor essays to get E's. Is it common for essays predicted to get A's or B's or even C's to get an E from the IB? It really worries me to get an E on the EE because then you cant get the diploma!! :/ Any information on the subject of the grading would help. I know the grades are sometimes inconsistent.
  7. AP is much different than IB in terms of the materials they teach. AP helps with standardized tests especially SAT subject tests. Plus IB courses are generally 2 yrs, so you wont know everything required for SAT subject tests by the time you apply to college, which is where AP comes in. Plus it looks good if you are taking both AP and IB classes.
  8. mathlete94

    HI topic

    your teachers know the question changes as you get more info. i did a fair bit of research before i made my RQ but ended up changing it like twice! the end result was good and i got somewhere in the 7 score range, maybe an 19/24 if i have the numbers right?
  9. mathlete94

    HI topic

    obviously it is foreign expansion, you dont expand in your own country, lol you need to choose a specific country it expanded to, like Spain or Turkey, you understand?
  10. mathlete94

    HI topic

    maybe you can make is more specific by talking about where they expanded, like what area? im not too knowledgeable in the subject, but it sounds good, remember its 2000 words and you need to be pretty specific. i lost 3 points on mine for going over the word limit by 100 words!
  11. i dont think the class is hard, but thats because i love math so i get everything in the class. i find that most kids have a problem with the math involved. so make sure u know trigonometric functions and your algebra very well. some calculus might help but its not necessary. most of the material is basic stuff, some memorization is required, just make sure u take good notes, or refer to your textbook. good luck!
  12. ok thanks, and the citation would go in the bibliography or the appendix? and my EE is due in a week! i think this weekend is going to be full of all nighters!
  13. at my school, our teachers keep track of in-school activities, but we need letters if we do anything outside. a lot of people lie about CAS hours though, or they fluctuate it a lot!!
  14. I was planning to do an investigation of the worth of moves of Tic Tac toe by method of Game Theory. Do you guys think it is too simple? and will it have enough math??? i was also planning to use a program i found online that generates games, does the IBO allow you to use programs like that for the EE?
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