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  1. Banned because it's not possible for a body to be filled with lies!
  2. Haha I disagree! I am really disorganized, barely studied, didn't really know anything about graphs and started studying a day before the exams (stupid, I know). I still managed to get a 5 though! I think it's more about grasping the concepts and knowing how you can relate it to real-life situations. There are so many examples out there that makes studying Economics so easy! That's why its so different and easy for most people. You don't have to keep yourself to the book like most IB subjects because all you have to do is relate the concepts to the stuff that happens around you and it's stuck
  3. No, I don't think there's any official info about retakes from the IB. Their website states that you have to talk to the IB coordinator of the school you want to retake at. The IB coordinator can then decide if they accept retakes or not. If they do, the IB coordinator has to register you as a retake student. So what it comes down to is that you have to find a school that is willing to accept you as a retake student (almost every school does!) AND if you want to retake in november, it has to be an IB school that does the IB november session and they have to sign you up. It's best to do this as
  4. If you are going to re-take, it's best if you do it in May. That way, you give yourself a lot of time to actually study and be prepared. A lot of students probably don't end up well with re-takes because they think that they have enough time to study and when the exam is right around the corner, they realize how screwed they are. So IF you are taking re-takes, actually study! I've heard november papers are harder than May. At least, I noticed for math that november papers seem to be a little tougher! Biology HL is all about stamping information in your head! So you really gotta understand the
  5. For the US, they actually do accept certificates. I know a couple of friends of mine who did certificate and they got into Texas etc. Some other friends did do the IB diploma but failed cause they didn't bother studying anymore since offers are unconditional! In europe you can't go anymore with certificates. I mean, UK universities do accept certificates but they are definitely not the best ones. Those would be the universities above the top 40 but even then, it is not guaranteed that you get an offer. I don't know anywhere else in Europe where they are okay with certificates. Once you say th
  6. It's 3 subjects max or all subjects. The deadline for November is september? I'm not sure about it but August is definitely still a time where you can apply for re-takes. It could either be first week of september or first week of october.
  7. I wanna re-take a couple of subjects too! But I heard you can only re-take a maximum of three subjects =/ So its either 3 subjects or all subjects! The results of November will be available first week of Jan! So you'll still be able to meet the UCAS deadline And you will be rewarded with the diploma about a month later?
  8. So I had this friend of mine who has failed IB twice and he told me that IB emails you a day before the results if you have either: Failed the IB Succesfully achieved 45 points Now I'm rather confused because I've read people saying the teacher tells you a day before while my friend says he received an email from the IB saying that he failed (a day before the results came out) last year and two years ago. So either way you get an email? (a day before?)
  9. When applying to netherlands, you don't have to worry about the IB at all haha! They know it's really tough and they only ask for a 24 not because the uni is bad but because they really appreciate IB and knows how tough it is so with more than a 24, you easily get in (personal experience) Erasmus university is good and has a really good reputation for business. Best for business in the Netherlands for sure! And europe! (according to rankings, netherlands = best for business) The only disadvantage for uni in netherlands is that they do expect a lot of self-study and so, IF you have questions y
  10. I'm studying there and I'm a native! If you are talking about Erasmus Uni, it's a good one! Especially for business but like any uni, self-study is crucial too and you gotta be clear when you have questions or they are gonna assume you don't have them. Teachers are always willing to help though And I've always heard good stuff about the uni, just that you need to stand firm in your shoes when having questions etc. (guts)
  11. My friend is going to Georgia Tech as well! He's starting in 3 days! They don't even care about his results Even if he fails! *jealous*
  12. Haha in IB I got used to pulling soooo many all nighters! For tests, exams etc. I always used to pull all nighters And otherwise I'd get to sleep about 3/4/5 hours max on an average!
  13. Honestly, I'm happy if I'll get a 24! I mean, some subjects went well but I think I screwed up Math (majorly!) and probably Chem. I've been so nervous that I decided even a 24 is good enough
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