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  1. Dont study selectively for Paper 3. I did that last year and it screwed me. IB pulled a fast one. Just take this tip haha. P1+P2 are easier to selectively game.
  2. They replaced A2 with A1.2 which is English Language & Literature. It's essentially the same thing but maybe a bit harder. If you have 11 years of experience, take A1.2. Would you say you are business proficient/semi-fluent?
  3. Such a sigh of relief! I *just* met my 43 offer English A1 HL: 7 (I was on the 6-7 border during mocks and throughout the year, so I guess a lucky one! I wrote significantly less than my whole class too!) Economics HL: 7 (nbd) History HL: 6 (Was on the 6-7 border as well; also happens to be my favourite subject...but yeah, this happened in IGCSE too) Mandarin HL: 6 (My hardest and fourth HL. Such a regret taking this. Spent so long trying to reach this 6, probably could have gotten 44-45 if I wasn't so stupid to take 4HLs back in the day) Biology SL: 7 (nbd) Maths SL: 7 (nbd) EE: A TOK: B Tot
  4. Not for most schools. For places like Eton, Andover, Exeter, etc....yes. But everyone else is equal.
  5. To be honest it's easier. The only reason seniors get higher in the SAT is because its much more important, and thus they spend ALOT more time studying for it. I dont know of ONE person in my entire school who studied for the PSAT for more than a couple of days. Everyone spent more or less a month doing SAT practice though. I studied for quite a while on the PSAT to try and get the national merit scholarship, and I got 231 in my PSAT. I ended up with a 2280 on the SAT, but one more correct math question would have given me a 2310, so adding a 0 onto your score should give you a "close enough"
  6. Academically, and reputation-wise - Imperial without a question. Imperial is also considered top-tier in the UK, whereas BU is a very mid-tier university, comparable with places like Northeastern and NYU - certainly not as good as Imperial. But consider living environments. London is well, London. Boston gives you the big city experience but with a small-town feel, better student culture, and cheaper overall.
  7. BBA(Law). Can I ask what course your friend applied to, what she achieved and what she asked for? What year of admission was this? Do you know any info about how your friend did this? Did she just ask really nicely?
  8. Thanks guys - But I'm looking for information more specifically on HKU. The standard information for UK universities won't help, I guess. I've heard many stories about students negotiating themselves into HKU, but I'm just wondering if this is a bunch of hogwash or not. Can any HKers/people with knowledge on HKU chime in? THANKS
  9. Hi there! I'm just wondering if any of you have heard of/know anything about the likelihood of "negotiating yourself in" to HKU if you've missed an offer by a small margin. My offer is 43 IB points. Is it likely I will be able to get in if I only have 42 points? Thanks a lot! It would be VERY appreciated if anyone could contribute and put my mind to ease! 43 is a very tough offer!
  10. In IB-1(last year) I submitted an IA on "how does temperature affect the rate of reaction for Amylase". Can I submit another Design IA on "how does temperature affect the rate of reaction for Protease"? I would change lots of things, including citations, substances, reagents, and equipment. But alot of it would be very similar. Is this allowed?
  11. They would be the same thing, so taking them would be a waste of time for university. You would actually have to do very little work, since you cover most of the AP curriculum in IB. Now, if you did AP tests OUTSIDE your IB curriculum, then that would be something. Like if you took AP History or AP Environment Science or Psychology. EDIT: saw you were taking maths at SL. In that case, taking it to AP Calc BC level (which is a significant step up) would be pretty good.
  12. Now that I've submitted my app...I'm a bit nervous Any other thoughts? Anyone?
  13. I completely agree, the fact that they only send it off as a letter (for Cambridge anyway) is pretty annoying as well. Having said that, it's better than the other universities that wait until they have everyone's applications on the 15th of January before they start sorting them and sending out offers. The wait is so agonising It's less than a month wait. I don't know why people are complaining it's really long. Some universities take months to reply with an offer or rejection (Not mentioning any names Durham.) It's a longer wait than finding out about the interview, and it's over christma
  14. Offer from Durham God dammit Oxford, why does it take you THAT long...
  15. Offer from UCL for ESPS! 2nd interview from Oxford!
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