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  1. Well to be honest, I've been told to not use hypothetical examples despite supporting my arguments so real life examples are absolute and I'm dealing with Natural vs Human Science here. And i don't think there is any right or wrong answers here it's just a matter of whether your arguments are valid enough to be backed up by your examples and if it follows the bloody criteria
  2. Hallo one and all~ Here's what I'm basically seeking assistance for as given by the title. I wish to know what are the types of revision timetables or techniques or ways for each of you guys do for the run up to the IB Final Examinations (so that I could try them out and find my own style from your ones )? And how would you go about revising for the following Leveled Subjects? HL: BIOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY ENGLISH SL: MATHSTUDIES CHEMISTRY MANDARIN Many thanks in advance, people!
  3. All Nighter? Some of my friends have done more than just an all-nighter. They've stayed up for days on end due to their up and coming exams. I have as well. Well, just the all-nighter. till 3am to finish some book report for English.
  4. Biology: "To what extent would Pancreatectomy Patients tolerate a lack of lipids in their body?" - does this sound scientific and biological enough?
  5. erm, how can you explain mathematically how well your model fits the graph? O.o I mean, besides your model (i used Quartic) nearly shaping up the original graph as the number of polynomials increases after using the cubic regression, linear regression.
  6. B-but it does. It did so with Cubic and Linear so far. I've checked it. What the heck does AFAIK mean? o.o
  7. Aaaaagh! Now it's my turn to go "This IA is due in 2 days and I really need help!" Basically, you know (if you have a TI 89 Titanium) how your regression(R2) should be displayed along with the general equation? Well. mine isn't doing so. HELP?
  8. Right so here's the thing, I know which University to go to: UCL, Edinbrugh, Uni of Manchester, King's College, Uni. of St.Andrews and Queen Mary Uni. So, basically if anyone knows, -when are the entrance(?) exams for each of these universities, -what other requirements do they need besides the IB grade/marks -and any other things that I need to know about applying to one of these unis. for medicine that you guys can tell me more about. Thank you ever so much!
  9. OH I WOULD LOVE THAT CORRUPTED DREAM! I wouldn't actually mind! That's what I wanted always! Granted, but there seems to be a system error within the mainframes of the so called "wish" makers softwares and programs causing your wish to be re written.
  10. Banned for abusing the usage of the word "sad".
  11. Granted, but then a lot of interesting posts, your friends going online and the amount of free time you have just all managed to happen at the same time. I wish my friends wellness and safety every day.
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