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  1. but i dont really know how to set it up...! i looked at the post you put before where you had handwritten it, but i really dont understand where you got all of the different figures from.. like the small 'a-#'s... im really confused.. im really sorry for being such a nuisance.. could you explain? sorry...!!
  2. okay so i did that and i got it and it fits perfectly. but now the thing is i have to find the variables. is there another way of finding them than using matrices? because my teacher said i shouldnt use the RREF matrices thing because she said that the examiners would think its suspicious as i havent learnt that and i wont learn it in class.
  3. i have absolutely no idea what that even looks like. we have never learnt that.. IM FREAKING OUT.
  4. yeah i did because my teacher said i should... should i not have? is there a better way?
  5. hey guys!! so basically ive done most of the ia, but now i realised that what i have found out to be the gradient and the y intercept for the first part is not right, because it doesnt graph properly.. so now im freaking out a bit. HELPPPPPPPPPPP!!!
  6. Grapher is a good one, and you can download it from the internet
  7. i mean that when i have an 'a' value of 1/5, the values i get for Sn, I get (look at screenshot) and the same thing happens when i have cos(0.08). so i need to explain why every other value is a negative number..
  8. why is it, that when you take the logarithm of a number between 0 and 1, you get a positive number, and then a negative number, and then a positive number and then a negative number and so on?! i need to explain this in a part of my portfolio, and i have no idea...!
  9. Haha right Then..explain the shape of the curve lah? lol divide it into sections first.. In the beginning how is it increasing? Very fast? As in, the gradient is steep or not? After that, is that still increasing? How fast? Is the gradient steeper or less steep? After that, is that still increasing? What value does Sn approach? I cannot list what the things you need to explain are. Technically it's too much of a guidance and it's just like you are taking my ideas. You need to think critically, there are some things that I will not help with cuz if I do, it will limit your creativity and your
  10. okay well I cant just have the graphs and thats it, all i want to know is what i need to explain also i dont understand that everyone is saying a^x... because if a=2 and x=1 a^ would = 1. so how does that make sense.. could you explain that please?
  11. well i mean in general.. i just dont really know what they want me to explain. do you know what I mean?
  12. okay so im just freaking out a bit i know how to calculate everything, and ive done that , i just dont really know how to explain it. I dont know the terminology or anything... PLEASE HELP ME?!?!?
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