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  1. eng hl - 7 chem hl - 7 bio hl - 7 french B sl - 7 maths studies sl - 7 economics sl - 7 EE in english - A TOK - B 45.
  2. Hey everyone, For my English A1 Extended Essay I wanted to write a comparative essay between 2 of the three plays above, but I can't decide which 2! I was looking at possibly themes of self identity (loss of self identity, and the need to preserve our identity in a repressive world) or the role of the female/or gender roles or attitudes towards Death and Mortality, or the dichotomy between reality and illusion. The 3 plays I'm looking at are: 1) Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller 2) A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennesse Williams 3) A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen Having not studied any of these play
  3. English HL Paper 1 - there is so much up to chance!
  4. Well I was thinking about light imagery or something of the like but I haven't been able to find any essays on the novel to use as secondary evidence, so I don't think I can do it. Thanks for your help!
  5. Hi! I've started thinking about my EE- I know I want to do english, but I also know that I want to be a bit different and focus on children's novels. For example, the Tale of Despereuax: I really want to do this novel- but I can't find any secondary sources (like real essays already written on it). Do you think I could do an EE on a children's book as long as I still make full use of finding and analysing literary features? And does anyone have ideas on any good novels I could do? THANKS!!!!!
  6. Ok well it really depends on how much you know, your teacher, your school etc. But we learnt: all of the tenses (including subjunctive), agreements (with number and gender) of adjectives, formation and position of adjectives and adverbs, the present participle, imperatives, si clauses, pronouns (direct, indirect, y, en, possessive, relative etc.), negatives. yeah bonne chance!
  7. Ok my topic is: what is the significance of the bogs in Seamus Heaney's poetry? Originally I was doing Tollund Man and Punishment- and I still want to do Tollund Man but I'm not sure if I should do punishment too. Anyone got tips on whether 1 or 2 poems is gonna score me more marks? (I figure that however my analysis is going to be will get me marks but I dont know whether to do 1 or 2!) Thanksss
  8. Thanks guys!! I'll be doing A And Julia, it's like my fav book too!!! I was so surprised no one was doing this topic in my class so i snatched it up straight away!
  9. Ok so we got back our "IOP Proposal's" today and my teacher liked 2 of my suggestions (both were for Great Gatsby) but I need some help choosing one because I like both!! A) The significance and symbolism of the Green Light. B) The symbolism with clocks and Gatsby's obsession with Time. Thankyou!
  10. I have exams coming up and I'm wondering how everyone on this amazing site manages to make sure they study ALL 6 subjects really well so that they know everything? I know most of you will say make a timetable, and i assure you i have one! its just that so many spontaneous things come up in my life I never seem to be able to follow it... thankyou! xxx
  11. - english A1 paper 2 notes- rewriting them again. - french vocab lists and grammar revision. - maths notes and problems. and I have an orchestra rehearsal in an hour that goes for 5 hours... how nice.
  12. Hi everyone. Ok so I'm a little bit worried about my 1 HL english A1 paper 1. How do you make sure you don't misinterpret the text!? I'm usually a poetry girl and don't have many problems analysing for techniques etc. but I'm so worried I'm going to misinterpret the whole thing!!!!! How do I make sure this doesn't happen!? Also, my essay writing isn't as I'd like it to be... so how do I write more sophisticated? I usually like to write everything plain and clear so that I make sure the examiner understands my point. I read HEAPS, (when I have time), but somehow my vocabulary and syntax/exp
  13. Hahaha no I'm no where near fluent. My speaking sucks (and exchange is out of the question) but my reading is ok, writing hmm satisfactory. I've been learning for four years. I like french though. But Which is the easier seven?
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