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  1. In the aufbau principle one, I put all arrows up. As for the Kc question, I calculated the equilibrium concentrations using the x method and I think it turned out to be right. TO be honest, this wasn't a very difficult paper except for QUESTION 1 which was just a messed up question. paper 1 though was tricky. Really don't know what I'll get there!
  2. It's very difficult to tell unless you have some sort of source inside IB, cuz IB can be very unpredictable.
  3. Yeah I agree. The paper was pretty unorthodox and failry difficult. No one in my class got the arctan thing in section 3. I fortunately got it at the very last minute. So, do you guys think IB will keep low boundaries for our option this year because the other options seem to have been very easy. I am seriously hoping for low boundaries to compensate for this and paper 1.
  4. I did series and Diff. Equations and it was a pretty tough paper this time, in parts at least. THe 1st 3 questions were fairly straightforward and easy but the last 2 questions were very difficult. Let's hope the boundaries are low for paper 3.
  5. So, all you folks, how went it? I thought it was a perfectly average paper with a lot of conventional questions though there were some tricky and slightly difficult parts. I did mess up a bit in the Section B orbitals question. Apart from that, considering the fact that Physics HL has the lowest grade boundaries among all IB subjects, 7 in Physics here I come.
  6. Yes, you can make a triangle but depends on what you do with it. I found the equation of the 2 tangents in the GDC from which I found the slope for the two. I used tan inverse to find the angles and then got the acute angle as 180 - the sum of the two angles that I found. I think it was correct though you can never be sure. As for vectors, even I got m-=-2. So, I guess that's right then. WHAT A RELIEF! Onto paper 3 now...
  7. Yes, I'm TZ2 and I agree with the others. Overall the paper was easier and much more accessible than paper 2. However, I ran out of time again, just like paper 1 and left close to 10 marks. The induction I coudln't quite get the final step. @Son Kim- yes, although the mean is 0.5, the fact that t=1 means that rate also becomes 0.5. So, if they ask you for 6 months, then new mean becomes 0.5*6=3. Did anyone get how to solve that question where you had to find the acute angle between two tangents. Even in the graphing question, I couldn't find any oblique asymptote. How did you guys do that?
  8. This year's paper 1 was definitely one of the most difficult of all time. I am hoping the grade boundaries for a 7 will be around 80-120 or something like that.
  9. Yeah, I remember some especially the ones that really bothered me. There was that question about the argand diagram and the graph of y=1/fx and y=xfx that I found very difficult.
  10. So, how did everyone's Math HL Paper 1 go? I was TZ2 and I thought the paper was extremely lengthy. I left close to 10 marks. Section A was fairly doable except 2 sums. Section B, the last part is where I messed up and also didn't have time to do. Expecting a 6.
  11. is the ratio for wastage to office block same for both the original building and the reversed building? (0.73)
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