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  1. A UBC degree is a UBC degree regardless of the campus you choose. The degree will not specify which campus you attended.
  2. How do we plot the data table? Because when we skip the years 1940 and 1944, the table gives an unrealistic representation of an increase. Does anyone have any suggestions? Labeling 1932 1, 1936 2 etc.
  3. Could I still possibly get a baseball scholarship/admitted to play baseball? (The extra curricular do not matter in this case) just the grades and the SAT.
  4. I believe they mark the exams (the multiple choice parts anyway) - so the sciences (and possibly other courses) with the electronic thing that scans the lead on the pencil. So if this is the case, you will either get a 0 or no mark outright. I just wouldn't even risk it personally.
  5. Hey everyone, I am in the IB Diploma Program and am just curious about my options. First off I will start with my grades...(predicted at the moment) Physics HL - 5 Business HL - 7 English HL - 5 Math SL - 5/6 French SL - 4 Chemistry - 5 TOK/EE - I've been told 2 Main Extracurricular Volunteering at a bike shop - 1 year Director/Leader of a school film club - 2 years Hockey - 8 years Baseball - Elite/Scouted - 10 years Guitar - 3 years Front-man of a band - 1 year Duke of Edinburgh Bronze School House team captain Attempted to create an online/distributor apparel/shoe company that operates in
  6. Well to tell you something about my schedule. Of course there is the normal IB diploma program course load. But on top of that I manage to play baseball at an elite level with approximately 25 hours a week. On top of that, I manage to make short films and have a decent social life. (Oh I also do relatively well in school). So to all those people that suggest IB + Life won't work or that you won't have social life - Don't worry. Trust me. You will.
  7. Studying? I kid, Reading upside down sometimes. But mainly I just go through my textbook and read and read and read. I'm not much of a notes person.
  8. Our school uses managebac. Its glitchy at times and often neglected, but the idea behind it is good. I'm assuming the school pays for its usage.
  9. The Outsider (The Stranger) by Camus and Waiting for Godot by Beckett. Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair isn't too shabby either (Pablo Neruda)
  10. Well for my IOP - I had two days to write and memorize it. If you write an essay and bring it to class, you will guaranteed lose marks. Your tone, speed and overall appearance of knowledge will be hurt from this. What I did was, I knew the books I was going to use off the top of my head, wrote down some points, practiced until the late hours of the morning and aced it on the IOP date. Remember, this is worth something like 15% of your total IB mark, take it seriously as you want to ace it. Also, I'm definitely not the greatest public speaker, but I was confident and spoke well because I knew w
  11. Well at my school its 3 to 4 people per group. One from each science offered at our school - Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The 4th optional person is also in biology as most people in my grade are in biology.
  12. Well my current topic I probably shouldn't `t say - as we`ve been told by our DP coordinator. I am just going to say that my EE topic pertains to Nike. My advice for you is pick a large global corporation such as Apple, Addidas as there is more information readily available online.
  13. Hot because I dont know how to pronounce Glau (Maybe I'm just dumb...) (heres a tip...look at my profile picture:P)
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