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  1. I don't think it's required however at some schools you will be allowed to skip first year of introduction to psychology if you have had IB psychology. I think this is an interesting subject and I feel like I've learnt a lot from it. (I also think it's a lot better that the other options in this subject group.) In this course my class learn about the basics of psychology and different ways of analysing. We have also looked at different studies and research, but I think this course focus on newer research and theories and I kind of miss hearing more about the history of psychology as a field o
  2. I used a lot of the things we discussed in the interative oral as a base for my reflective statement, I just started off talking about new insights I got and desribed how it's shown in the book we read. Then I sort of just took it from there. I also think it's important not overthink it too much, because it will only make it more difficult.
  3. These essays were really helpfull, now I have a better idea how the final product should look like.
  4. We were also told that when we get to the exam we can choose what ever options we like. You get the exam with questions for all the options and then you choose what question you would like to answer.
  5. I'm not sure you could possibly do that, since our teacher says we are not allowed to use human blood in the IB. :/ But you should ask you teacher, because this might be mistaken.
  6. If you are in the 2013 session it means you started the DP this school year and will have your exams in 2013. Here is a link to the syllabus outline for language B, so you can have a look at it: http://www.ibo.org/diploma/assessment/subjectoutlines/documents/d_2_ablan_gui-out_1102_1_e.pdf
  7. No problem, I'm glad I could help you.
  8. We did a lab where we looked at cells in onions and compared the different phases of mitosis. If you searh for mitosis in onion root tip on google you will find lots of websites explaining the experiment.
  9. The boundaries will change each year, since they are adjusted according to the results of the exams. At least that's what it's like in psychology, which is the group 3 subject I have.
  10. In my school we have forms that have to be filled out and signed by the CAS supervisor.
  11. I think this sounds like to much, but on the birght side, if you do a lot of difficult work in class, the exams will be easy. If you want to know exactely what is expected of you for the exams, you can find the laguage B syllabus by searching for it on google.
  12. I think you have a good question rigth there, what effect did it have on the community. However you may want to add something more, since that could be a topic that's to narrow. It could be a good idea to ask your teacher as well, and maybe you can get some good inspiration from him/her.
  13. In my school teachers advice not to write an EE in psychology unless you already have found a topic you find interesting and really want to do more research on, because several students have failed at finding suitable topics earlier. However if you do have a topic you find interesting I think you should discuss it with the coordinator and the psychology teacher and see what they say.
  14. Theatre, visual arts, psycology in HL and Japanese would have been interesting subjects, I think.
  15. I am exactely the same! Being assesed is so scary, because I would hate to mess up and get bad marks. I try not to think about the assesment part, and just do it, sometimes it help, but not always. :/
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