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  1. The people on this forum really scared me.....but i mailed 3 different faculty members at mcgill, and they all ensured me that i would be fine
  2. wait guys. the min is 35 points, but that is too get accepted into the program. I was accepted since my predicted was 36 point....but to maintain the offer is different. They asked me to 'maintain my academic achievements and obtain the diploma'. Ive been told by people that i will be fine, but i need to make sure. thnaks a lot guys
  3. McGill asked me to maintain my academic achievements and obtain the diploma. I dropped 6 points so i called them, and they said they will look into it later and inform me. Im applying to mangament by the way. This is what i got HL - 5, 5, 6 SL: English A1 - 4 Spanish Ab Iniitio - 5 Maths SL - 6 Will my offer be revoked or not? Thanks guys
  4. thank u guys for all the useful comments! they were rally helpful. Ill probly tell them in a week or so
  5. thanks for the help guys. Im really lucky to be going to a uni in Canada and not the UK, since they arent that strict with final marks. This is my plan: Ill tell them its coming out in 2 weeks. Then prepare them for something low, keeping mind that a pass would allow me to keep my offer since im applying to Canada and not the UK, then build it up for them and finally tell them Telling my mom and lying to my dad would be to risky, so i might go with the idea above.
  6. I was predicted around 38 points, but ended up getting only 32. My parents expected a lot from me, but i didnt meet their expectations and they will be very dissapointed. Im planning to tell my mom soon, but ill try to lie to my father and tell him i got something like 35, then pretend to be very dissapointed (so that he might console me and say everything will be ok) The main problem is that they think of me as their bright child and expect the most from me. I always do well, but i got lazy and didnt study to much since my Uni in canada only wanted 30, and i got that. What should i do?
  7. I accepted and offer from Queen's Commerce. and McGill..... but some people are saying its not possible to accept 2 offers...
  8. pleeease does anyone know where i can find 'the list'.... any list is good. i have the worst teacher in the world... and im the only student in the class so she puts no effort .....
  9. "what is the significance of the -0.45 V in Fe"?
  10. yea i remember getting the same answer! ALSO, what GRAPH did you guys pick? I put graph 5, it was a guess though so im not sure that its corrent
  11. 1/6 is right. im sure about that
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